LANRE @ UpperDeck With his Classic Showcase

LANRE @ UpperDeck

Here at The Upper Deck, we are privileged to meet with Nigerians who truly understand the concept of luxury and have found ways of incorporating aspects into their lives. We introduce the first in our series of articles on Nigerians who find classic cars appealing – and are active collectors – with an amazing looking classic car owned by an equally interesting person. Read more

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AFFORDABLECARS - Auto sales and Services

CarpartsNigeria Welcomes AffordableCars to the # 1 Online Auto Mall in Africa.



"We are a fast growing Auto dealer in Lagos, Nigeria, serving our unique and discerning clientele since 1995. Our customer base include corporate organizations, government parastatals and private individuals. Our vehicles are covered with manufacturer’s warranty."

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Posted on October 2015,06   // Author: Admin The #1 Auto Online Market in Africa..Soars to Sillicon Valley. Congratulations to CPN


After two days of the hustle and bustle of the start-ups presenting their products on the DEMO Africa stage DEMO Africa 2015 was successfully concluded, with Simbapay as the first team then preceded by Zuvaa,,, BambaPOS in a chronological order are set to pitch in Silicon Valley. - See more at: 


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VW emissions scandal could snare other firms, whistleblower claims


The emissions-fixing scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen in the US could extend to other companies and countries, one of the officials involved in uncovering the alleged behaviour has told the Guardian.

Billions of pounds have been wiped off the value of global carmakers amid growing concerns that emissions tests may have been rigged across the industry.

“We need to ask the question, is this happening in other countries and is this happening at other manufacturers? Some part of our reaction is not even understanding what has happened exactly,” said John German, one of the two co-leads on the U... Read more

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Interview at


Find any SpareParts in Nigeria with Q&A.. Click below to open..

CarpartsNigeria Interviewed @

About the Author: Joseph Adamu. Terser Adamu is the founder of MyNaijaNaira

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DEMOAfrica Series: CarParts is IMDB for Auto


CarpartsNigeria is an online platform that aggregates everything your car will ever need to give that smooth-sailing ride to and fro. From new and used spare parts to experts and real time service vendors and even car auctionings. Hear them in their words...
What does Carparts do?

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In Partnership with




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The Service light might indicate "Service", "Service Engine" or "Maint Reqd". It's an indicator that you're getting close to a scheduled maintenance interval. On some cars it's as simple as counting miles before it comes on, whilst on others it maps engine temperatures, oil temperatures, air temperatures and other indicators of probable stress to tell you when it might be time for new oil or a service. In most cars this can be overridden or reset by you, the owner. Your handbook will tell you if this is the case. If you take your car for a service, the garage should reset it for you.

Normally the light ... Read more

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DEMOAfricaTop30 – CarPartsNigeria Is An Online Shopping Plaza For All Things Auto

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Check your tyre pressures regularly - once a week is ideal. Bad tyre pressures can affect fuel economy very noticeably. It's easy to do and there is no excuse not to


It's amazing that so many people pay such scant attention to their tyres. If you're travelling at 70mph on the motorway, four little 20-square-centimetre pads of rubber are all that sits between you and a potential accident. If you don't take care of your tyres, those contact patches will not be doing their job properly. If you're happy with riding around on worn tyres, that's fine, but don't expect them to be... Read more

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