AC Compressor troubleshooting
The air conditioning compressor is one of those parts of the car that are typically used for long hours and typically gets a lot of usage. It has been seen that AC compressors are generally reliable and don't fail easily. 
If it does, it is often because of some other reasons. The point is, never replace a compressor in a hurry without detecting the full problem. Otherwise it is quite likely that the new one will also fail. 

Why AC Compressors fail
Before we go on pinpointing the r... Read more

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Safety Tips


Three Car Safety Tips for Toddlers

With a toddler on board, even a quick trip to the store can sometimes seem like a hairy rollercoaster ride. Keep your pint-size passengers protected and secure on the road with these tips:

1. Avoid car seat mistakes
Most new parents admit that installing a car seat can be perplexing. Even experienced mommies and daddies don’t always get it right. In fact, some disturbing statistics show that 73 percent of parents fail to either set up a car seat correctly, or get their kids properly strapped in.
Let’s face it: getting a petulant toddler buckled up ... Read more

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5 startups chosen


5 startups chosen at DEMO Africa to pitch in Silicon Valley


One of the continent’s most-talked about startup events, DEMO Africa 2015, recently concluded with five startups chosen as the winning teams to pitch in Silicon Valley.

Out of a total of 650 applications received from startups across the continent, 30 startups made it<... Read more

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To whom it may concern.

Hope this meets you well?

My name is Didi Awosika. I work with Viacom International Media Networks Africa, as Senior Commercial Manager for West Africa.

Yesterday (23/10/15) at about 12:45pm, I was driving my Black Porsche Carrera 4s on 3rd Mainland Bridge at high speed, headed towards Oworonsoki, when suddenly the right rear Tyre burst, putting the car in an uncontrollable position, which left me in shock.

Luckily I was able to regain control of the car and managed to nurse the car to the end of... Read more

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CarPartsNigeria Wants To Save You Time And Money


CarPartsNigeria Wants To Save You Time And Money In Your Search For Auto Parts Replacements


Getting quality replacement for broken car parts could be a hassle in Nigeria. A major reason for this is that the market is overrun with knock-offs, the supposed dealers of “not-Chinese” parts aren’t to be trusted either, and so also is your auto-repair guy who is the only other person who understands the market.

Everyone out there, that is not you, is trying to rip you off.

CarPartsNigeria promises to have your back in this industry where to trust is at your own risk. The... Read more

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Casual Young Man Holding Out Car Keys. It’s never too early to learn the ABCs of car care, says the Car Care Council.


The ABCs of Car Care for New Drivers (

A – Always follow a preventative vehicle maintenance plan.
B – Be sure to have your car inspected when you suspect there is a problem.
C – Correct the problem to help avoid the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of breaking down away from home.

“Most young people can’t wait to drive, but their car care education should begin well before their parents hand over the keys,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Understanding the basics of car ... Read more

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LANRE @ UpperDeck With his Classic Showcase

LANRE @ UpperDeck

Here at The Upper Deck, we are privileged to meet with Nigerians who truly understand the concept of luxury and have found ways of incorporating aspects into their lives. We introduce the first in our series of articles on Nigerians who find classic cars appealing – and are active collectors – with an amazing looking classic car owned by an equally interesting person. Read more

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AFFORDABLECARS - Auto sales and Services

CarpartsNigeria Welcomes AffordableCars to the # 1 Online Auto Mall in Africa.



"We are a fast growing Auto dealer in Lagos, Nigeria, serving our unique and discerning clientele since 1995. Our customer base include corporate organizations, government parastatals and private individuals. Our vehicles are covered with manufacturer’s warranty."

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Posted on October 2015,06   // Author: Admin The #1 Auto Online Market in Africa..Soars to Sillicon Valley. Congratulations to CPN


After two days of the hustle and bustle of the start-ups presenting their products on the DEMO Africa stage DEMO Africa 2015 was successfully concluded, with Simbapay as the first team then preceded by Zuvaa,,, BambaPOS in a chronological order are set to pitch in Silicon Valley. - See more at: 


Congratulations #Read more

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VW emissions scandal could snare other firms, whistleblower claims


The emissions-fixing scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen in the US could extend to other companies and countries, one of the officials involved in uncovering the alleged behaviour has told the Guardian.

Billions of pounds have been wiped off the value of global carmakers amid growing concerns that emissions tests may have been rigged across the industry.

“We need to ask the question, is this happening in other countries and is this happening at other manufacturers? Some part of our reaction is not even understanding what has happened exactly,” said John German, one of the two co-leads on the U... Read more

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