Three Reasons To Buy Spare Parts From Carpartsnigeria

Not knowing Your teams are prepped, and they’re stepping up beautifully to do the job. your car engine are humming. And, then . . . silence. Something’s gone wrong and production has ground to a halt. After the prerequisite gnashing of teeth, a diagnosis reveals the only solution: You need a replacement part that’s not in your spare parts inventory.


What’s your next step? Do you

a) take a break for lunch,

b) start surfing websites online 

As I see it, calling or go online is your only option. Let me see if I can convince you of the same. ... Read more

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To tell the difference between ebd,abs, esc and traction control, we must first understand what they are and what they do....
ABS is actually the most important of the lot in a way that it is the foundation of the other systems notably ebd and traction control.

Let's Start

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

As we know a vehicle moves due to the frictional force between the tyre and road. When we apply brakes, the brakes apply a torque in the opposite direction as that of friction and the wheel gradually comes to rest. This is how normal brakes work.
Now, whenever we are traveling o... Read more

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Aggressive driving connected to identifying with your car

Drivers who consider their car an extension of their identity are more likely to behave aggressively behind the wheel and break the laws of the road.

“Aggressive Driving: A Consumption Experience,” examines how personality, attitude, and values contribute to aggressive driving behaviors.

Carpartsnigeria found that drivers with compulsive tendencies are more likely to drive aggressively with disregard for possible consequences. In addition, those who admit to aggressive driving also admit to engaging in more incidents of breaking the law. Study authors also state that younger drivers still in the early stages ... Read more

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For almost a century KYB has specialised in hydraulics, with technology widely used in the aeronautical, rail and maritime industries. KYB is Japans leading hydraulics company.

From its 15 factories in Asia, Europe and the United States, KYB has an annual production capacity of more than 75 million shock absorbers. KYB has the largest shock absorber factory in the world (in Gifu, Japan), with a capacity of over 50 million pieces. It is highly automated and can change from producing one strut to another in 15 seconds.

KYB Corporation is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and exports its products to more than 100 countries... Read more

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Carburetor vs. Fuel Injection: Understanding the Pros and Cons

which offers the best performance, carburetor or fuel injection, is highly debated question among car enthusiasts. Many believe that performance is best with a carburetor while others insist that the only way to go is with fuel injection gasoline. To determine which is best for your vehicle, it's important to understand how both components work.
Engine Performance

The carburetor and fuel injection performance is mainly due to the amount of air and gasoline that can enter into the engine cylinders. The cylinders contain the pistons and combustion chambers where energy is released from the combustion of gasoline. The carburet... Read more

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Used cars go under many guises - throw in euphemisms like pre-owned, second hand and formerly-driven into the mix. Whatever term you choose, used cars represent value for money, and it's a market where many bargains can be had.

It's well documented that the moment a new car drives out the showroom, it begins to depreciate. This is why you'll find big price decreases, comparing new cars to their used counterparts - cost effectiveness is one of the most appealing points, when looking at second hand cars for sale.

When seeking a used car for sale, rather than a new one, there might be greater ease of mind: as a buyer, yo... Read more

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Which Wheel Drive Is Best For You? Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive

Today we find that vehicles come in 3 drive configurations front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and 4 or all-wheel drive. In this article, we will focus on only front and rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive is where the engine drives only the front wheels. Rear-wheel drive is when the engine drives only the rear wheels.

Front-wheel drive is used in order to provide a compact package. Very little space is necessary since the engine and the wheels being driven are in the front of the vehicle. A center tunnel or a higher chassis is not necessary as they w... Read more

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Enjoy Carpartsnigeria August Hot deal with 5% discount off Dyno-tab. Fuel treatment additives and cleaning product

Dyno-tab® fuel treatments contain a combustion catalyst that, when added to fuel, produces a cleaner and more complete fuel burn. In addition, Dyno-tab® inhibits the buildup of carbon deposits within the combustion chamber and on exhaust valve surfaces, which rob your engine of power and performance. Dyno-tab® is added directly to the fuel tank at fill-up where it dissolves quickly and completely. Dyno-tab® is designed to:

    1. Increase power and performance
  ... Read more

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Oando announces to train 500 mechanics during 2016 edition of the Oleum Academy

Selected participants were shortlisted through nominations on online media platforms and by recognized mechanic associations; Nigerian Automobile Technician Association (NATA), and Motor Mechanic and Technician Association of Nigerian (MOMTAN) likewise Carpartsnigeria.

The CEO of Oando Marketing Limited, Yomi Awobokun said, “Oleum Academy is aimed at improving the expertise level of Nigerian Auto-mechanics and ensuring the skill acquisition rate is up to par with the evolution in the auto industry. We expect this project to contribute to the Nigerian economy by creating more opportunities for the mechanics and car owners. ... Read more

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Would you rather go for Automatic Car or Manual Car

A prospective car buyer often has to choose between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission-so it pays to know how automatic cars differ from those with a manual transmission.

Manual gear and automatic gear


First, many experts agree that a manual transmission is on average cheaper to fix than its automatic counterpart, although the clutch is an additional part that can be burned out easily if not used properly. Also, manual transmissions tend to offer slightly faster acceleration and bett... Read more

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