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Million Rising is a diverse resource for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. is one of the leading online car and truck parts and accessories stores in continental Africa. They have a complete selection of high-quality parts for a wide range of new and used vehicle makes and models - offered at the lowest prices. There are millions of inventoried parts in the database, and the search is quick and simple.

Why is auto parts shopping a challenge in Africa? If the search for the correct replacement and aftermarket vehicle parts and accesso... Read more

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300,000 Honda 2001-2003 Vehicles 'Unsafe,' Need Airbag Fixes


U.S. auto safety regulators warned on Thursday that Takata air bag inflators on more than 300,000 unrepaired recalled Honda vehicles show a substantial risk of rupturing, and urged owners to stop driving the "unsafe" cars until they have been fixed.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cited new test data that shows some 2001-2003 model Honda and Acura vehicles have as high as a 50 percent chance of a dangerous air bag inflator rupture in a crash. Takata air bag inflators are linked to as many as 14 deaths worldwide, including 13 in Honda Motor Co vehicles.

Honda said in a statement that... Read more

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Mercedes-Benz is launching into the open-air season with the first cabriolet based on the C-Class, thereby rounding off its range of cabriolets with a fully automatic classic fabric soft top. Featuring plenty of high quality details, its distinctive character is most apparent when the top is down.


As the new entry-level model into the cabriolet world of Mercedes-Benz, the C-Class Cabriolet is also a consistent embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz design ph... Read more

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FEATURED STORIES AT GES2016 : How Silicon Valley Innovations are Literally Breaking Ground Across Africa....Jehiel

An ‘Uber for Tractors’ Boosts Income of Nigerian Farmers

On a recent trip back to the United States, I took an Uber and made small talk with my driver on the way to my destination. He told me he only bought the car we were in because he had this job with the smartphone-based car service.

This blew me away.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya, and I shared a stage with President Obama. It was a great honor... Read more

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Carpartsnigeria at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

United States Host 7th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit

When we connect global entrepreneurs with the access and exchange needed to create and innovate, we unleash their power to change the world.

A clear example of this is found in Silicon Valley where thousands of firms have achieved success.  With that in mind, what better place to gather entrepreneurs at all stages of business development for the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).  This Summit will be the 7th installment in a series previously hosted by the United States and the governments of Turkey, the United Arab Emirate... Read more

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Combining sensual design with performance, the XDiavel is Ducati’s first cruiser offering. Despite bearing the same name as an existing bike preceded by a letter “X”, this is no mere variant but a model in its own right: a true fusion between the relaxed riding style of machines with forward mounted footpegs and the adrenalin-fuelled world of Ducati. We spoke with Andrea Ferraresi, design director of the Borgo Panigale based brand.

“The initial ideas date back to late 2012, and development started the next spring. This model brings the extreme proportions typical of a show bike to production reality, a... Read more

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What to Do If Your Lexus Infotainment System Crashed

If you have a 2014-2016 Lexus, your car's infotainment system may have mysteriously crashed, as our test vehicles did. Turns out Lexus sent an over-the-air software update that was glitchy, and rendered many of its cars' stereo, navigation, and information systems useless.

Unfortunately, you can't fix it yourself. You have to take it to a Lexus dealership. The cars are safe to drive.

Here's what happened: Lexus said in an email that an “errant data broadcast by our traffic and weather data service provider was not handled as expected by the microcomputer in the vehicle navigation head unit (... Read more

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Evenflo SensorSafe Car Seat Alerts Parents to Presence of Child Still in the Car

The reports roll in with unsettling regularity: A young child is killed by exposure to extreme temperatures when left behind in a parked car.

For several years, child passenger safety advocates have appealed to automotive and child-restraint manufacturers for ways to prevent these avoidable leave-behind deaths. While many solutions have been developed, few have proven to be reliable, as proven by researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

However, an innovation developed last year by Evenflo, called SensorSafe, could make a difference. The Ev... Read more

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5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You (5)

We want to protect you from overpaying for parts and repairs you don't even need. Here are 5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You


NOTE: When you role into the shop hearing a small rattle under the car, the mechanic might come back telling you that your catalytic converter is shot, that your muffler is rusted, and that the exhaust pipes have holes in them. When you hear words like "all," "entire," "full," or "whole," you should head to another shop stat to double-check. 

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5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You (4)

We want to protect you from overpaying for parts and repairs you don't even need. Here are 5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You


NOTE: Don't ever let a mechanic bully you into using that particular service garage. If you're truly worried about hurting the car, you can have it towed for a second opinion or call up other places for an off-site evaluation. Mechanics might try to even suggest that you're putting your family or other loved ones in danger by not having something fixed immediately. Yo, back off, homie! You don't know my life, so don't try to make d... Read more

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