Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from CarpartsNigeria


Dear Customers,

As we enjoyed time with our family this holiday season, we had opportunity to reflect on the things in life for which we are most grateful. Obviously, family and dear friends came to mind, along with the necessities of life that are so often taken for granted. We also found ourselves thinking of our loyal clients – those like you who have chosen to become part of the CarpartsNigeria family. 

At this time, as we start a New Year (2016) and strive to live up to the resolutions we set on New Year's Eve, we’d like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for choosing CarpartsNigeria. We also want to make sure you know that CarpartsNigeria values your business and your opinions. 

In our roles as CEO and Management, we have the opportunity to oversee all Customer Service activities. We love to hear stories of excellent service or surpassed expectations, as well as suggestions as to how we can improve. 

The year 2015 was a busy year for us as we diligently worked to improve our offering to you. In this year, we were nominated for Two of Africa’s most prestigious STARTUP Awards. We were selected as one of THE TOP 50 MOST INNOVATIVE AFRICAN START-UPS! by The New York Forum Institute. Secondly, in one of the continent’s most-talked about startup events, DEMO AFRICA. We were nominated amongst the best 30 STARTUPS in Africa and also selected as one of the best 5 to represent Africa in Silicon Valley in 2016.

In addition, we have expanded our cutting edge technology platform to include a FORUM and E-PROCUREMENT page (Starting January 2016), that further enables both buyers and vendors, the ability to subscribe to better cost savings within the sector. We hope to make 2016 a year of massive innovation for the Auto industry. Future newsletters will inform you on the progress of forthcoming developments. 

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service. This allow us to more easily keep our commitment to provide you with the best possible service. 

In the last year, we also introduced several new platform features which you have seen (and will continue to hear about) in our customer newsletters. Many of these features came in response to requests from customers just like you. We encourage these requests – and while it’s not always possible to accommodate each one, we are committed to do what is best for our customers at large. 

Again, we appreciate your business and we would like to personally wish you & yours a Merry Christmas and happy/prosperous year. We look forward to working with you for many years to come. 

Best Wishes,
Bayo Balogun
CEO, Founders, CarpartsNigeria Corporation

December 30th 2015

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