The Shocking Journey to Abuja

As the old Toyota Corolla rattled along the potholed highway, its worn-out shock absorbers struggled to absorb the bumps. Suddenly, a loud clang echoed from the rear axle, and the car sagged to one side. The driver, a young Nigerian named Tunde, pulled over and inspected the damage. The shock absorber had broken, leaving him stranded on the outskirts of Lagos.

Determined to reach Abuja for a crucial business meeting, Tunde sought help from a local mechanic, who replaced the shock absorber with a new one from CAR PARTS NIGERIA. With renewed confidence, Tunde continued his journey, navigating through treacherous roads and rough te... Read more

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One fateful day, Ajebor found himself hurtling towards a busy intersection


Once upon a time, in the city of Lagos, there was a car named Ajebor. Ajebor was known for his sleek design and lightning-fast speed. But, despite his impressive acceleration, Ajebor's brakes were his most vital feature.
Ajebor's brake pads, named Taiwo and Kehinde, were the unsung heroes of the vehicle. They worked tirelessly to slow Ajebor down, ensuring his safety and the safety of those around him.
One fateful day, Ajebor found himself hurtling towar... Read more

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How do I know if my fuel pump is bad?

Identifying a bad fuel pump involves recognizing specific symptoms that suggest the fuel pump is failing or has failed. Here are some common signs and diagnostic methods:

  •  Whining or grinding noise: Unusual sounds from the fuel tank area could signal a failing fuel pump.
  • Difficulty starting the engine: If your car struggles to start or requires multiple attempts, it might be a sign of a weak fuel pump.
  • Sputtering or stalling: If your engine sputters or stalls, especially when accelerating or under heavy load, it could indicate a fuel pump issue.
  •  Low fuel pressure: If your car's f... Read more

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What is the purpose of a water pump in a car, and what happens if it breaks down?

The water pump in a car is a critical component of the cooling system. Its primary purpose is to circulate coolant (often a mixture of water and antifreeze) throughout the engine and radiator to regulate the engine's temperature. Here's how it works:

  • Circulating Coolant

    The water pump is typically driven by a belt connected to the engine's crankshaft or another auxiliary belt. As the engine runs, the water pump spins, creating a flow of coolant through the engine block and cylinder head, where it absorbs heat generated by combustion.
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If a car shock absorber was manufactured 6 years ago, but is still unused. is it a good idea to buy?


If a shock absorber has been manufactured 6 years ago but remains unused, it's essential to consider a few factors before deciding whether to buy it. Here are some points to ponder:



  • Storage conditions

    How has the shock absorber been stored? If it has been exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, or physical damage, its performance and reliability might be compromised.
  • Shelf life

    Check the manufacturer's recommended shelf life for the specific ... Read more

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University of Lagos Auto Interview Part 2 (Scholarship vs Free Auto)


CarpartsNigeria TV went to University of Lagos Nigeria to understand the modalities of student education and the love for Cars. Here is one of th hightlight from some students... Video - University of Lagos Auto Interview Part 2 (Scholarship vs Free Auto)

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University of Lagos Students - Scholarship vs Free Auto by Carpartsnigeria TV


The new age of student education and fascinating glimpse of student desires for recognition, self-expression, and the pursuit of happiness. Click below to check the brief interviews.

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"You want to know the steps in Maintaining your Car |"

You want to know the steps in Maintaining your Car, here are the things that should be done:

  • Regular Oil Changes: Change the engine oil and oil filter at recommended intervals to ensure proper engine lubrication and performance.
  • Check Fluid Levels: Regularly inspect and top off fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Tire Maintenance: Rotate and balance tires to ensure even wear, and check tire pressure regularly. Replace tires when they become worn.
  • Brake System Inspection: Check brake ... Read more

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"Reasons that shows you should change the Gearbox of your car |"

There are several signs and reasons that indicate you may need to change the gearbox of your car. Here are some common indicators:


  • Grinding or unusual noises: If you hear grinding, whining, or other unusual noises while shifting gears, it could be a sign of gearbox problems. These noises may indicate worn-out gears or bearings.


  • Difficulty shifting gears: If you experience difficulty in shifting gears, such as gears not engaging smoothly or the shifter feeling stiff, it could be a sign of gearbox issues. ... Read more

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"Why is the hand brake so important in cars |"

The hand brake, also known as the parking brake or emergency brake, is an essential component in cars for several reasons:


Parking Safety: The primary function of the hand brake is to keep the vehicle stationary when parked. It prevents the car from rolling or moving unintentionally, especially on inclines or uneven surfaces where the transmission's park gear may not be sufficient.

Emergency Situations: The hand brake can be used in emergencies when the primary braking system fails or malfunctions. It provides an additional means of stopping the vehicle, pot... Read more

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