Silicone Grease is a small investment for your vehicles, but a good quality grease is critical for maintaining wear components and reducing downtime. Choosing the right grease for the application and pairing it with an automatic lubrication system, will help reduce repair costs and downtime while keeping your car up and running smoothly.

Silicone is the slipperiest of all lubricants, so it's a great choice for items that slide against one another. Silicone repels water, but not water vapor, so you can use it to dry out electrical connectors. ... Use silicone to lubricate metal, wood, rubber and plastic.

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How Long Does an AC Compressor Belt Last?

For the air conditioning system in your car to work properly, it has to pressurize refrigerant. That is the function of the AC compressor. The compressor itself gets a signal from the AC relay, and is operated by a belt that is powered by your engine’s crankshaft – the AC compressor belt. In some cars, the AC compressor belt is separate, but in most modern cars, the serpentine belt runs the AC compressor along with all the other accessories in your car.

Belts of any kind have a limited life. Usually, you can expect your AC belt to last between 30,000 and 40,000 miles. If the belt is exposed to contaminants, its life ... Read more

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Does driving puddles cause car engine damage?

As the rain keeps falling, will driving through puddles damage your car engine and prove an expensive mistake?

Modern cars tend to have air intakes fairly low down at the front of the car. Drive through water deep enough and it will be sucked up into the engine, causing it to seize.

The technical term for this damage is called ‘hydrostatic lock’ – water enters an engine cylinder and during the compression stroke will lock the engine piston in place.

This in turn overloads the connection rod, causing it to deform and cause significant engine damage. It can even destroy the engine altogether.

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How to use Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease is a translucent substance used to seal electrical conductors in order to prevent dirt, dust, sand, and other foreign materials from sticking to the conductor and preventing it from transferring a current between the two contact points. Dielectric grease also blocks moisture, thereby preventing corrosion.

How Dielectric Grease Works
Dielectric grease is a translucent substance. Therefore, some light passes through it and causes distortion. Dielectric grease is usually gray in appearance and a 0.33 ounce bottle sells for $5. Dielectric grease insulates, lubricates, and protects hardware from foreign materia... Read more

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List of Traffic Offences and Penalties.

Dear Lagos Motorists,

Here is a list of Traffic Offences and Penalties.

Ensure to #ObeyTrafficRules at all times #ForAGreaterLagos.


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How to Add Oil to Your Car

Adding oil is a basic, easy procedure. To see how it functions, you have to realize that oil works in a shut circle framework and is put away in the oil pan. The oil dish holds up to 4 to 6 quarts relying upon the vehicle. At the point when the engine starts, oil pump sucks oil from the oil pan through the pickup cylinder, and then goes through the oil filter where any dirt and debris are removed.

It at that point flows all through the whole engine by means of spurt openings, finally heading back to the oil pan to start the cycle again.

You ought to dependably check your oil before including new oil. On the off chance th... Read more

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Is It Safe To Drive With The EPC Light On?

Computers are taking over everything on your vehicle. Traditionally, components like the steering, the parking brake, and the gas pedal used to require mechanical linkages. Nowadays, computers and electric motors can take care of all of these functions and more. Electronic Power Control (EPC) is a computerized ignition and engine management system found in V.A.G. cars — more popularly known as the Volkswagen Group. This includes Volkswagen (VW), Audi, Porsche, and other automotive brands. To see if this includes your car, look at a responsive VW dealer website. It is used by other systems on the car such as stability and cruise co... Read more

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How Do Power Car Windows Increase Passenger Safety?

Power windows are responsible for approximately 2,000 emergency room visits every year. When a power window closes, it exerts enough force to bruise or break bones, crush fingers, or restrict an airway. Though power windows exert large amounts of force, they are still largely considered safer than manual car windows.

Power windows can be controlled by the driver. No matter how many times you tell a misbehaving child to leave their power window switch alone, they may still keep pressing the button to open their window. The driver has a master set of window controls to close any window that is open on the car. This simple device s... Read more

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Vika DPA visits Car Parts Nigeria.

Getting an answer for the difficulties in looking for certified car parts have been one of the principle objective of Car Parts Nigeria. To serve the clients better in African Market, Car Parts Nigeria received 2 representatives (Leo Liang and April) from Vika DPA to talk about the difficulties in the automobile business and potential arrangements. They offered such a great amount of prospect in guaranteeing supplies of value items at reasonable cost in the Nigerian auto division.

Vika DPA offer market-demonstrated, solid automobile parts in a wide range for the whole vehicle, which fit a wide range of ŠKODA Volkswagen Au... Read more

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German startup expects to launch an electric flying taxi service by 2025

This German company plans to make that a reality in the next six years. Munich-based startup Lilium unveiled its five-seater electric air taxi prototype on Thursday. The Lilium Jet, which conducted its first flight earlier this month, is part of an app-based flying taxi service that the company expects will be "fully-operational in various cities around the world by 2025."The battery-powered jet is capable of traveling 300 kilometers (186 miles) in 60 minutes on a single charge, and will connect cities through a network of landing pads. Commuters will be able to book rides from their nearest landing pad through a smartphone app. Lilium ... Read more

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