New Buses That Will Replace Danfo In Lagos State Are Gradually Arriving

New Buses That Will Replace Danfo In Lagos State Are Gradually Arriving

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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle/Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

The days of having to constantly adjust the throttle cable due to a loose nut on the carburetor are long gone. Today's modern cars, trucks, and SUVs are all equipped with an electronic throttle control system that contains an accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor. This sensor's primary job is to monitor the position of the throttle pedal and send an electronic signal to open the throttle body as you depress the gas pedal. Although this device often lasts the entire lifespan of your vehicle, there are occasions when it will fail, wear out, and need to be replaced.

1. Engine response is inconsistent
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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Engine Control Module (ECM)

The engine control module (ECM), also commonly referred to as the engine control unit (ECU) or powertrain control module (PCM), is one of the most important components found on virtually all modern vehicles. It essentially functions as the main computer for many of the vehicle’s engine performance and drivability functions. The ECM takes the information from the engine's various sensors, and uses that information to calculate and tune engine spark and fuel for maximum power and efficiency.

1. Check Engine Light comes on
An illuminated Check Engine Light is one possible symptom of a problem with the ECM. The Check Engi... Read more

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An inventive man (Ojo Obaniyi) has made a car out of fiber and straw.

An inventive man (Ojo Obaniyi) has made an auto out of fiber and straw. Ordinarily used to make caps, mats, Ojo Obaniyi figured out how to make a car with these same tools. Not just is this auto practical, it additionally utilizes fuel like each other car.

The 40-year old man was spotted filling his fuel tank at a station.

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Electric vehicles to be introduced in Nigeria car market 2018

Nigus Enfinity, an indigenous firm, says it will bring electric vehicles into the Nigerian car market in 2018 and that its local gathering plant for electric vehicles will be prepared in 2020.

Malik Ado-Ibrahim, director of the organization, made this known to columnists in an intelligent session which held in Abuja on Thursday.

Ado-Ibrahim said a few nations over the world have set focuses for the boycott of oil fuelled vehicles with India focusing on 2030, and the United Kingdom, 2040.

He said Nigeria and Africa need to search internally to be at the fore of the car revolution or risk getting to be squander can... Read more

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How tires move in cars.

The tires must carry the vehicle along the road, but it requires so much force exerted by the vehicle to accomplish this task. The power required comes from the weight of the vehicle and the speed it is going. The tires require a lot of friction to force them to move. That amount of friction is impacted by the weight of the vehicle, which creates a coefficient of rolling friction. For an average tire, the coefficient of rolling friction or CRF is 0.015, which is multiplied by the weight of the vehicle.

The tire generates heat because of the friction with a higher heat buildup when more force is required to move the vehicle... Read more

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Most Beautifully Bizarre Cars Ever Designed

The historical backdrop of car configuration is covered with intense endeavors to make vehicles so extraordinary by the way they look and how they function that they render obsolete everything that's come before. What happens when makers adjust feel, usefulness, and their own vision without bounds is one reason we cherish cars.

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CarPartsNigeria featured on CNN - Richard Quest's show as a startup focus.

As one of the leading online car and truck parts and accessories stores in continental Africa. We have a complete selection of high-quality parts for a wide range of new and used vehicle makes and models - offered at the lowest prices. There are millions of inventoried parts in the database, and the search is quick and simple. 

The company was featured on Richard Quest, Quest means business during the last show following our success in Demo Africa silicon valley. However, the company didn't relent in its effort to serve its purpose of solving auto parts challenge in Nigeria as we are expanding our se... Read more

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Do All A/C Systems Use Refrigerant?

All air conditioners use a refrigerant, whether it's your car’s HVAC system, a central heating and air system, or your home’s refrigerator. Refrigerant is what makes the system operate. Refrigerants are compressed from gas to liquid – when a liquid, they’re cycled from the condenser through the rest of the high-pressure side, where they absorb heat. When they reach the low pressure side, they transform back to their gaseous form and begin to dissipate the heat they’ve absorbed before being recirculated through the system once more.

Types of refrigerant
Freon is a brand name registered to DuPont... Read more

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How to diagnose and correct sputtering engine sound in a car

Description of this noise: An engine sputter is best described as an inconsistent harmonic sound coming from the engine. When an engine is tuned correctly, it typically sounds smooth and definitely not choppy. As the engine accelerates, the engines harmonics are equally smooth. A sputtering engine will rise and fall rapidly, may have periods of stalling or rapid acceleration or deceleration.

What causes this sound? Essentially sputtering is the end result of incomplete combustion. It's typically caused by ignition timing problems including ignition coil, distributor, rotor, spark plugs and spark plug wires. In some rare instance... Read more

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