Simple Car Maintenance Tips.

Dealing with your vehicle is, from numerous points of view, such as dealing with your well-being. While it is essential to take your vehicle to the shop for customary maintenance, just as evident emergencies, it is similarly imperative to build up some fundamental propensities for keeping your vehicle fit as a fiddle at home. Here are 10 vehicle upkeep tips for you.

Tires Rotation is Important.

Rotating your car tires is another good car maintenance culture to imbibe. For every five thousand mile or ten thousand miles, changing your tire position from front to back, or back to front will help you extend the life of your ... Read more

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Facts You Should Know About Nigeria.

The name ‘Nigeria’ was coined by Flora Shaw. She was the wife of Lord Lugard – a British soldier who paved the way for Nigeria’s amalgamation and became the first Governor-General of Nigeria. Flora drew inspiration from the great river Niger and combined the words ‘Niger’ and ‘Area’ to form ‘Nigeria’.

1845 – The first building in Nigeria was built in Badagry, Lagos

1914 – Formation of Nigeria under Governor Frederick LugardState.

1959 – The new Nigerian currency was introduced.

The Yoruba tribe has the highest rate o... Read more

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Fun Facts About Cars For Kids

Kids don't take much time before they exclaim the names of different vehicles in the market. Shockingly, they even perceive and separate among the different brands. They have their inclinations, different preferences about vehicles, to such an extent that they can talk about on the topic with friends. If you can relate these qualities with your kid, this is a must-read for you..

 1. There Are More Cars Than People In The World
2. Car Is The Most Recycled Product In The World
3. There Are Almost 30K Parts In A Car
4. The Longest Living Car Was 82 Years Old
5. The Longest Traffic Jam Was Recorded On Februa... Read more

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Warning Lights to Observe On The Dashboard.

Dashboard warning light signs.
When something goes wrong with your car, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. This way, the driver is informed that there is a problem with the system, hence the display of different warning lights.

But what do they really mean?
Don't worry, in this article, you will learn the meaning of the most common warning lights.

1. Oil Pressure Warning
What it means: Your engine is running low on oil, or there is a problem with your car's oil pressure system.

How to solve it: You should always start to check the engine oil level at the dipstic... Read more

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How to Maintain Your Car Engine for Higher Efficiency.

A sound, useful vehicle requires a solid engine, and for your engine to stay in great working order it must be well-kept up. How about we examine some essential engine support, what's required to keep your vehicle's engine working at pinnacle performance. Utilize these tips to lessen later fix costs, improve your vehicle's performance, and expand its life expectancy.

1. Check the oil routinely

Oil is the soul of your engine. Since there are such a large number of moving, pivoting parts in there, your engine must be very much greased up. As you drive around, however, your oil begins to debase, while a few gets scorched of... Read more

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What Are The Main Parts of a Clutch

The fundamental pieces of a grip are for the most part partitioned into three gatherings.

1. Driving appendage
2. Driven appendage
3. Working appendage

1. Driving appendages:

The driving individuals comprises of a flywheel which is mounted on the engine crankshaft. The flywheel is bolted to a spread which conveys weight plate, weight springs and discharging switches. As the flywheel is bolted to the cover assembly, in this manner, the entire assembly of the flywheel and the spread rotate all the times.
The grip lodging and spread provided with openings so the heat created during the function disse... Read more

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To raise or not to raise your car

A vehicle or truck suspension can be raised through a progression of modifications or new parts, giving the vehicle more ground freedom. Having a higher ground clearance can help with rough terrain, simpler fix or inside access. The normal lawn repairman can bring a vehicle's suspension up in around three hours.

These spacers are fitted over the mounting plate which supports or holds the upper vehicle body and are generally a couple of millimeters over the mounting plate to raise the tallness of the vehicle. The issue with raising your vehicle is that normally, every vehicle is intended to run a specific reason. The suspension f... Read more

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What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?

Wheel bearing noise can be tricky to diagnose since it can easily be mistaken for tire noise. Even when a noisy wheel bearing is the actual culprit, it can be difficult to narrow it down to which wheel is affected

The main purpose of wheel bearing is to allow the wheels to rotate with minimal friction. When a vehicle comes to a stop, the bearings start to cool off and then a vacuum is generated from the lubricant, air, and contacting metal.

The seals should hold the vacuum in place. If not, the sealed hub or the bearing will start pulling in air from the outside, which may include water and other contaminants. This can r... Read more

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How to guard against car theft.

Most of us don’t think about car theft prevention until it’s too late. But the fact is, learning how to prevent a car theft is knowledge you need.

1. Keep track of your keys
If your vehicle is missing, one of the first questions a police offer will ask is “do you have all the keys?” Many people make the mistake of hiding a spare key under the wheel-well or some other place under their car. The problem is, just like hiding a key under your front door step, criminals have caught on to this trick. Getting locked out of your car is inconvenient, but can’t touch the hassle you’ll go through if... Read more

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Car Jerks When Accelerating – Reasons & Solutions.

You must be aware of all the feasible reasons behind the problem in accelerating before jumping to the solution. The car jerking problem happens to be an issue common in both manual and automatic cars.

1. Polluted Air Filter
What does it mean when your car jerks? Air filters keep the car away from the road pollutants such as dirt, debris and other things that contaminate the engine. Over time, filters are susceptible to accumulating obstructions and build-ups. In addition to pollutants, dirty air filters are also the cause of inefficient fuel combustion.

Therefore, you should wipe those off then check to make sure t... Read more

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