When Should I Change My Oil?

Changing oil in your car needs to happen at specific intervals. Oil change intervals vary, but it's best to change oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It is used to lubricate all the internal moving parts and help keep components from overheating. Changing oil is an extremely important part of keeping your engine in good operating condition.

Some cars have a service interval counter which is built into the vehicle’s dashboard, while other cars do not. If your car does not have a built-in system, use reminders, You can also look at your car manual to see the recomm... Read more

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Is it Safe to Drive With the ABS Light On?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system (ABS), and helps the tires on your vehicle to maintain contact with the road while you are braking. It functions by preventing the wheels from locking up, which can result in uncontrollable skids. The main purpose of ABS is to improve vehicle control under heavy braking, especially on loose or slick surfaces. It does not necessarily decrease stopping distance, although it can help.

Here are some things to know about ABS safety:

The ABS does a self-test every time you turn on the ignition. Once you start your vehicle, the warning light will briefly come on, and if the computer finds... Read more

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Wiper Motor Repair & Replacement

Wiper Motor Repair
Wiper Motor Repair — when the windshield wipers start to show signs of functionality loss, such as slow operation or intermittent movement, then it’s time to take a closer look at your wiper motors. Wiper motors often fail due to normal wear and tear during the lifetime of the vehicle.

Windshield wipers are a safety item that calls for immediate attention when malfunctioning. If you smell or see smoke coming from the motors, then it is definitely time to perform a little maintenance on your wiper motors.

Sometimes the only solution to bad wiper motors is to simply remo... Read more

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Skyrunner - The Dune Flying Buggy.

SkyRunner MK 3.2 is an FAA certified special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) fused with a ruggedmilitary grade all terrain vehicle wrapped in a design that would make James Bond blush. Arguably, SkyRunner is the most versatile and logistically competitive machine on the market. You’ll be hard pressed to find a trophy truck, ATV or UTV in the world that can follow where SkyRunner can go. SkyRunner conquers sand, dirt, snow, asphalt, and born to defy gravity; for those peaks, rivers, lakes, canyons, trees and cliffs that get in your way.

Airports Not Required!
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5 Most Important Car Dashboard Warning Lights

All cars come with 5 warning lights that should always be taken seriously.

Everything is running extraordinary with your car when abruptly – a notice light goes ahead on the dashboard. There are truly many cautioning and check motor lights on the present current cars, every one of them with their own importance and sources. While they will dependably differ dependent on each car producer, five auto dashboard cautioning light pointers are conventional no matter how you look at it.

These 5 auto dashboard cautioning lights ought to be viewed as intense when they illuminate.

1. Engine Temperature Warning ... Read more

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First look at the new BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) #737MAX interior images.

The Genesis design, which was created by the SkyStyle design firm founded by Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, draws inspiration from nature and from the skies themselves, including starlight detailing overhead.
Genesis is a stark contrast to the previously revealed BBJ MAX design by the firm of Alberto Pinto, with its warm shades and classic furnishings. But both cabin options offer comfortable space for VVIPs to meet, work and rest on longhaul journeys. The BBJ MAX twinjet is capable of flying 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 km).

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What to do if your gas pedal gets stuck

If your accelerator gets stuck down, do the following:

Shift to neutral.
Apply the brakes.
Keep your eyes on the road and look for a way out.
Warn other drivers by blinking and flashing your hazard lights.
Try to drive the car safely off the road.
Turn off the ignition when you no longer need to change direction.




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How To Detect A Faulty Ignition Coil

A faulty ignition coil can result in several frustrating issues with your car's engine. Fortunately, a faulty ignition coil is one of the least expensive car repairs. You should be able to diagnose a faulty ignition coil before having to replace it.

Symptoms of a Faulty Ignition Coil
One of the most common symptoms of a faulty ignition coil is when the vehicle runs for a while and then the car's engine suddenly dies for no apparent reason. This occurs after the ignition coil or module gets too hot, and usually will correct itself after the engine module cools. In some cases, a bad ignition coil will result in the vehicle no... Read more

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Innovation: A Student of IMT in Enugu state develops a hand crafted car

A Student of IMT in Enugu state, turned into the center of attraction as he drives around in his Hand made Vehicle.
The student is said to have built the auto with privately made materials.
He appreciated the ride round the grounds with a companion, the same number of watched in amazement.

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2019 Lexus ES is first mass-produced car to replace side mirrors with cameras.

Idea autos have been attempting to supplant side mirrors with cameras for a considerable length of time, and now Lexus is really going to do it on a production cae. There's one essential caveat however: It's just for Japan.

First implemented for the recently redesigned (and recently reviewed) 2019 Lexus ES, the side mirrors are being supplanted with little, streamlined camera stalks. Those little cameras tucked into the stalks give a steady video feed to five-inch screens put at the base of the car's A-columns. The main motivation producers are pushing this sort of tech is to enhance optimal design. Swapping those side mirrors o... Read more

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