FRSC suspends booking on Fire Extinguishers Light/caution signs booking Clarification!


The Federal Road Safety Commission has asked the command to forthwith adhere to an earlier directive to suspend booking of motorists for fire extinguisher, light and caution sign violations.

In a memo dated Dec. 27, 2016, The Deputy Corps Marshal, Mr. Ojeme I. Ewhrudjakpor, frowned at the fact that motorists were still being booked for such offenses.

He said commanding officers should bring the content of the memo to the attention of their staff and ensure compliance. There has however been an update and calrification to the earlier directive as follows:

 UPDATE :  CLARIFICA... Read more

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year


Dear Customers, 

As we enjoyed time with our families this season, hope we had the opportunity to reflect on the things in life for which we are most grateful. Obviously, God, family and dear friends came to mind, along with the necessities of life that we often take for granted. We also found ourselves thinking of our loyal clients – those like you who have chosen to become part of the CarpartsNigeria family. 

As I look back on 2016 and our global performance, I'm proud of our accomplishments, and excited about what we have in store for 2017. In 2016, We attended and represented Afric... Read more

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Germany Launches Transparent Car

The world has changed and moving at a very fast pace to catch up with the future cars drive themselves and plane flight without human pilots.

The big question among automakers is whether they will be the ones to provide new technologies — and profit from them — or will major tech companies like Google and Apple take a slice of the industry. For now, the two sides are balancing cooperation against competition as they gauge what the future holds.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra succinctly expressed a common view, asserting that “we will see more change in the industry in the next ... Read more

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Donald Duke Steals Biker's Carnival Show As Sen. Ben Ayade's Bike Fails.

Former Governor Donald duke stole the show in a Batman styled bike as Cross River Governor, Senator Ben Ayade's Bike fails. Sources say Ayade had mounted his 2014 model GG Taurus-Trike motorcycle with his wife only for it to seize due to engine failure forcing him to park it and bringing to an abrupt end, the 2nd edition of the Bikers Carnival which began last year.

The Bikers parade powered by the Metallic bikers club was scheduled for 2:00PM but due to the inability of the Cultural parade to kick off by 8:00 AM as planned but by 2:30PM, the bikers parade began at about 5:00 PM.

Cyclists also participated in the event w... Read more

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Ways To Stay Safe As A Female Uber Driver.

Being an Uber Driver is somewhat facile and a satisfactory job. The assurance of the drivers and the riders is important. With its cashless policies for riders the odds of getting robbed reduces. The face that riders are pre-registered users that have crucial information on the uber database makes it safe. Yet as a female driver, there are still reasons to be extra careful.

Reasons to be extra careful as a female Uber driver:

As an Uber female driver, you are a lone ranger, you work till late hours; this is creditable since there are people the leave late from work/party riders needing your service after a long day/night... Read more

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How To Replace Brake Pad And Rotor.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Socket set
Wrench set
Screw driver set
Replacement pads and rotors
Shop towels
Brake grease
Hydraulic jack
Jack stands
Protective gloves and eye wear.

Step 1
After the vehicle is safely lifted into the air, remove the lug nut covers.

Step 2 - Once the lug nut cover is removed, a lug wrench or socket can be used can loosen the wheel lugs.

Step 3 - Next, loosen and remove the wheel lug nuts. (Note: If air impact wrench is not used, loosen the lug nuts one turn while the vehicle is still on the ground.)

Step 4 - Then, ... Read more

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Throwback On Vespa Bikes.

Vespa is an italian brand of scooter which means "wasp" in Italian. It was manufactured by Plaggio. The scooters have been known for their painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine (enclosing the engine mechanism and concealing dirt or grease), a flat floorboard (providing foot protection), and a prominent front fairing (providing wind protection) into a structural unit.
It was founded 23rd day of April, 1946 in Florence.

In 1944, Renzzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini desgined a motorcycle with bodywork fully enclosing the drivetrain and forming a tall splash guard at the front. In addition... Read more

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Precautions For Women and How To Overtake When Driving

The seemingly simple manoeuvre of overtaking/ passing other vehicles accounts for a high rate of fatalities on roads. Sometimes what may seem like a good opportunity to overtake really isn’t. Arrive Alive gives some great tips on overtaking:

First you have to ask the question: Should I overtake?

Any driving movement can be considered with reference to the questions “Is it safe, legal and convenient?” There is often very little advantage to be gained for the risk taken! Only after answering YES to the following questions should you start to even think of overtaking:

Can I see far enough ahead to ... Read more

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ThrowBack Cars In Nigeria: 1983 Volkswagen Santana Review.

The Volkswagen Santana is a three-box sedan, based on the second-generation Volkswagen Passat (B2). It was first introduced in 1981. Also called Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana, Volkswagen Quantum, Volkswagen Corsar, Volkswagen Carat, Nissan Santana, Ford Versailles.
In North Amrica, It was also known as the Volkswagen Quantum. In Mexico (Volkswagen Corsar), while in Argentina (Volkswagen Carat). In Brazil and other South Aerican Countries. It was known as Santana, while the Passat Variant B2 wagon was marketed as the Volkswagen Quantum. In Europe the Santana name was dropped in 1985 and the car was sold as a Passat. European prod... Read more

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Women's Fashionable and Fun Car Accessories.

With the heightened class of car accessories aimed at the female driver. It's getting easier to pick accessories to complement their wardrobes and to include that flair of chic to their driving experience.

Even as fashion is evolving in the world and other sectors, so also in the automobile world. The priorities for selecting a car and its accessories differ. Safety, Looks, Budget, Comfort, Durability, Maintenance and ease of use are the determining factor.

There are wide range of car accessories - Shift Knobs, Seat Covers, Key Chains, Licence Plates and many more. You can find fun and funky accessories that will appeal ... Read more

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