Highlight of the Silicon Valley Afropreneur Event. Geek Meets Nollywood.

After taking the giant stride as one of the winners of the 5 startups chosen at DEMO africa to pitch in Silicon Valley.
Car Parts Nigeria success since then has led to overcoming the challenges of shopping for auto parts in Nigeria as it is said necessity is the mother of all invention. The need to solve the problems of getting auto parts at your convenience birth the creative effort of starting Car Parts Nigeria. The platform aggregates the best deals of auto parts and technicians based on the location of the user. It has been an overwhelming journey coupled with strength to persevere and endure amidst all challenges.

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Are Men Better Drivers Than Women?

Men take more risks. In studies, men as a whole display less cautious behavior than women, such as driving at higher speeds and closer to other cars, not wearing seat belts, and driving while intoxicated more often. They even make riskier turns and take less time when parking.

BUT… how someone drives doesn’t necessarily equal how well he drives. Men do seem to be more proficient than women at certain driving tasks. However, this slight edge in ability doesn’t translate into better driving records. The kinds of accidents men get into are generally the result of their riskier behavior. According to one study, me... Read more

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Signs Of Tire Problems.

Although there is no replacement for using a tire gauge to check the inflation levels, there are a couple of signs that your vehicle's tires may be improperly inflated. When driving down a straight, level road, check to see if the car pulls to one side or the other. While this "pulling" may be caused by improper alignment, it may also indicate a tire issue-especially if you are certain that the alignment is correct or if the vehicle recently had an alignment service. If the center section of the tread is smooth, your tires may be over-inflated. Likewise, if the outside sections or edges of the tire tread are worn or rounded, your tires ... Read more

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ThrowBack Thursday: Bedford CA

The overall profile and architecture of the CA changed little during the vehicle's seventeen-year life. There were, however, three distinctly different versions sold. The first CAs featured a two-piece windscreen, comprising two separate flat sheets of glass separated with a central vertical metal divide. It was manufactured in short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase forms, each form available in either a 10–12 cwt or a 15 cwt version. The Bedford CA was a distinctive pug-nosed light commercial vehicle produced between 1952 and 1969 by Bedford in Luton, United Kingdom.
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WCW: Ways Women Can Save Money On A New Car

Ways Women Can Save Money On A New Car.

Women are substantially more practical on their vehicle choices, they focus on safety and dependability.

Here are ways to get the best deal on a new car.

1. Time Your Purchase.
You can save more money by buying at the end of the month.

2. Consider purchasing one of the previous year's models.
Most car makers cut prices upon the making of new cars, it makes it easier for open negotiations to get them off the lot.

3. Use the Internet.
Our presence as an E-commerce company has been able to help buyers with limitations. The easiest thing ab... Read more

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Nigerian Students Build Electric Powered Car.

Dove is an acronym for Designed for Zero Vehicle Emission. The DOVE P1 is made of a fibre glass body, weighs about 200kg and is capable of speeds of up to 35 km/h.

Using locally sourced materials, A group of Nigerian students came together to create Africa's first electric car from scratch. The project began in 2014 and by 2015 the students had built a zero emission electric powered prototype vehicle called the DOVE P1. Olukoya Olusanya and Maduka Smart pioneered the project, and enlisted other students to help.

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ThrowBack Cars In Nigeria: BMW 3 Series E21 Review.

It was initially available as a 2-door sedan, to replace the 02 Series. At launch, all models used carburetted 4-cylinder engines, however fuel injected models were introduced in late 1975 and 6-cylinder engines were added in 1977. A cabriolet body style - manufactured by Baur - was available from 1978 to 1981.
The BMW E21 is the first generation of the BMW 3 Series compact luxury vehicle and was produced from 1975 to 1983.


1,364,039 built

West Germany: Munich
Malaysia: Kuching (SMI)

Paul Bracq (1972)

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WCW: 15 Years Kimberly Anyadike becomes youngest African American female to pilot plane cross-country

Kimberly Anyadike is a record breaking 16 year old. She has a record breaking sister, Kelly Anyadike who is 17 years old and broke a record for being the youngest African-American girl to fly four vehicles in one day.

Kimberly Anyadike (born c. 1994) is known as the first Nigerian American teen to fly across the United States. Her Dad is an Igbo from Nigeria, and Anyadike means (Eye of a Warrior) in the Igbo language.

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Young boy builds a small tricycle in Aba, Abia state.

This image of a young boy that created a tricycle went viral on the internet last week. The young boy in Aba, Abia state.

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WCW: Meet Mrs Ijeoma Ekpereama, shares her ordeal as a commercial tricycle in the city of Lagos.

Survival Strategies of a Working Strong Woman: Each African woman has a unique story and history of challenges in a man dominated business environment. Meet Mrs Ijeoma Ekpereama, a graduate, the owner of this tricycle shares her ordeal as a commercial tricycle in the city of Lagos And given the recent economic recession in Nigeria. Some people have not allowed societal issues of inequality or bias to deter them of earning a living. Here is a quick CPN SALUTE to a determined and courageous Nigeria She has refused to be a victim of circumstance and has chosen to survival. Carpartsnigeria SALUTES Mrs IJEOMA EKPEREAMA ... Read more

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