The Top 5 Things That Will Drain Your Battery

You're late for work and rush out to your car, only to find that it won't start. The headlights are dim and the engine simply refuses to turn over. You realize that your battery is dead. But how did this happen? There are five main causes of car battery drain or failure.

Human error

You’ve probably done this at least once in your life – you come home from work, tired and not really thinking, and left the headlights on or didn't completely close the trunk. Overnight the battery drains, and in the morning your car won’t start. Many new cars alert you if you’ve left your lights on, but may not have a... Read more

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Throwback Thursday: 1930 Ford Model A Custom

Costs for the Model A ran from US$385 for a roadster to US$1400 for the highest point of-the-line Town Auto. The motor was a water-cooled L-head inline 4-barrel with a dislodging of 201 cu in (3.3 l). This motor gave 40 hp (30 kW; 41 PS). Top speed was around 65 mph (105 km/h). The Model A had a 103.5 in (2,630 mm) wheelbase with a last drive proportion of 3.77:1. The transmission was a regular 3-speed sliding rigging manual unsynchronized unit with a solitary speed switch. The Model A had 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes. The 1930 and 1931 models were accessible with stainless steel radiator cowling and headlamp lodgings.

The Mod... Read more

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The Best Utilized Cars to Purchase For Fuel Economy

Owning a vehicle accompanies various costs – auto protection, repairs, normal support, auto installments, and obviously the fuel. So in case you're hoping to cut costs, finding a vehicle that is incredible with regards to efficiency is a decent arrangement. The colossal news is that there are a wide range of autos with great efficiency over the diverse classes of vehicles. How about we investigate the main five.

Top five vehicles

Here's an assortment of vehicles in various classes that offer one thing in like manner, they all gloat incredible efficiency.

Hyundai Tucson: This is a SUV yet it's somewhat littl... Read more

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Nigerian Jelani Aliyu, a car designer with General Motors. He led the design team for the company's new Chevrolet Volt.

Written By Yomi Kazzim 

Nigeria’s government has long talked about diversifying its oil-dependent economy but it’s actions have not always matched the bluster.
Over the past few years, the automobile manufacturing industry has seemed like a plausible alternative. The hope is that it will help create thousands of jobs and draw large-scale investment from global car-makers, Nigeria’s government has been keen to tap into that potential.
To this end, the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) was set up in May 2014 after a merger of previous agencies. Much of NADDC’s work ha... Read more

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Throwback Thursday: 1960 Dodge Polara 4-Door Hardtop

The 1960 Polara and other full-sized Dodges featured styling cues carried over from 1959 models, itself an evolution of Virgil Exner's "Forward Look" cars introduced in 1957. The top-of-the line Polara and Dodge Matador continued to ride on the 122-inch (3,099 mm) wheelbase of their predecessors, while a new line-up of still full-sized Dodge Darts rode on a shorter 118-inch (2,997 mm) wheelbase. The Polara was available as a 2-door convertible, 2-door hardtop coupe, 4-door hardtop sedan, 4-door hardtop station wagon, and conventional (pillared) 4-door sedan.

Like these cars, both 1960 full-sized Dodges continued with the make's ... Read more

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How Can I Apply to Work as a Technician at CarPartsNigeria?

CarPartsNigeria is reclassifying how car owners have their vehicles overhauled by conveying choice administration at their home or office. A standout amongst the most vital parts of this redefinition is ensuring that we work with the best ability in the field, who take the best care of clients and their autos. That is the place you come in.

In case you're burnt out on giving the greater part of your salary to a shop and need to work for yourself, apply to CarPartsNigeria. With us, you can procure more than 25,000 thousand naira relying upon the occupation done Additionally, we arrange your parts. You set your own calendar at Car... Read more

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How to Keep Mice, Rats and Other Rodents Out of Your Car Engine

Rodents are all around, and some are probably going to attack your vehicle and do harm. They can discover your auto, choose it is a protected place to make a home and a helpful site to store sustenance. In the event that you can debilitate them, you may win the fight.

There are many systems used to forestall commotion by the ruinous critters. Here are some effective measures rodent harm casualties have attempted, particularly in blend. Different lines of guard appear to work best.

Leave the hood up. Rodents are looking for a dark place to nest. This idea may help discourage nesting, but may not ... Read more

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Throwback Thursday: 1969 DODGE HEMI CHARGER 500

The 426 HEMI engine introduced by Chrysler in 1964 gave racers an instant supremacy over the competition, but as GM and Ford gained ground with their own exotic power plants, Chrysler engineers turned to aerodynamics to regain the edge on the track. In 1968, Dodge introduced a redesigned Charger with a stylish new form incorporating Coke-bottle contours, a new recessed grille using the original's hidden headlights, a "flying buttress" roof with recessed rear window and minimal bright trim. The new Charger enjoyed a sixfold increase in sales, but it was still aerodynamically limited even with HEMI power at hand, so for 1969, a homologati... Read more

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How Long Does A Fuel Filler Neck Last?

Getting gas from the pump to your gas tank is the best way to keep an auto going. The fuel filler neck is a metal tube that is welded to the gas tank of an auto. The gas top lives toward the finish of this tube and is evacuated when more gas is required for the vehicle. This part is utilized when gas is expected to run the auto. It is subjected to overwhelming conditions throughout the years. Without a legitimately working fuel filler neck, it will be about difficult to keep your auto provided with the fuel that it needs. 

The fuel filler neck is intended to last the life of the vehicle. Because of its metal development,... Read more

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1938 Packard Twelve

In 1933, Packard introduced the twelve-cylinder model Twin Six to the more prestigious name "Twelve". The models 1005 and 1006 now had wheelbases of 3607 mm and 3734 mm respectively. The V12 engine was adopted unchanged from the previous model: its cylinder angle was 67 °, the bore 87.3 mm and the stroke 101.6 mm. This gave a displacement of 7300 cm 3. The engine performed 160 bhp (118 kW) at 3200 rpm. The wet two-disc clutch of the predecessor gave way to a single disc dry clutch, which connected the engine with the manual three-speed gearbox with medium circuit. The mechanical four-wheel brakes were also adopted by the predecessor. ... Read more

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