Symptoms of a bad/failing AC compressor.

The AC compressor is one of the most important, if not the most important, components of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. It is responsible for pressurizing the AC system and keeping the refrigerant flowing so that it can function properly. Because it functions in a continuous cycle on and off, it is subject to wear every time the AC is turned on. Usually, when a compressor begins to fail it will produce a few warning signs that alert the driver that it has a problem. The compressor is responsible for pressurizing and distributing the refrigerant, so if there is any problem with the compressor, the rest of the AC system will b... Read more

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Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems

1. Transmission Fluid Color and Condition

Automatic transmissions use transmission fluid (or ATF) to operate the clutches and bands needed to change gears, not to mention cooling and lubricating the many parts of the transmission. But transmission fluid doesn’t last forever, which is why it’s crucial to check your car’s transmission fluid at least once a month. Checking the fluid of your transmission can tell you a lot about its condition as well as if it needs to be changed.
Dirty or burnt fluid are instances where your transmission is just begging for a fluid change. New transmission fluid is a transpare... Read more

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ThrowBack Cars: Australian Toyota Corolla Seca Review.

The Corolla E90 was the sixth generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. In general, all models departed from the previous generation's boxy styling for a more contemporary look and improved aerodynamics.
In December 1988, Toyota formed a joint venture with Holden called UAAI to build and market the Toyota Corolla as the Holden Nova. This agreement paralleled two Corolla generations including both the E90 and E100 series.

Australian Market Chasis:
AE90 — Sedan, Hatchback (SE)
AE92 — Sedan, Hatchback, Seca (CS, CSX, Spirit, SE, SX)
AE93 — Hatchback, Seca (SX, GTi)
AE9... Read more

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How to tell when a fuel injector needs to be replaced.

Your car can face performance problems when the fuel injector is not working properly. The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve. The fuel pump supplies it with pressurized fuel. The symptoms of a failed fuel injector are similar whether your car has an electronic or a constant fuel injection system.

Hard Start and Rough Idle
When the car does not start on the first try and the ignition has to be turned on repeatedly to get it started, that's when you know there is a problem in a fuel injector. Another symptom is when the car stalls, hesitates or sputters on start up.

Fuel Smell and Poor G... Read more

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Causes of Car Engine Problems, Symptoms and Solution.

Engine problems and your options.

The engine is the heart of the automobile. When the heart has a problem, it shows on the body. Same applies to the engine in an automobile, the stability, and health of your automobile is important because of the day-to-day movement on the highway. You don't want to be a victim of the symptoms below.

Typical symptoms of engine problems.
Excessive smoke from tailpipe; excessive oil consumption; knocking or tapping sounds; low oil pressure; low compression; water mixing in oil; oil getting into the air cleaner and/or radiator.

Causes of car engine problems?
Normal m... Read more

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Why Are My Brakes Squealing?


If you're lucky, the squealing (or squeaking) noise that your brakes make when you first drive your car in the morning, particularly after rain, is just surface rust being scraped off the rotors by the pads the first few times you apply the brake pedal, or the result of moisture and dirt that collects on the rotors, including from condensation caused by high humidity. If it goes away after a few brake applications, no worries.

If the noise persists most times or every time you apply the brakes or stays on continuously while you're driving, the cause is more serious — a... Read more

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ThrowBack Cars In Nigeria: Datsun Sunny B310 Review.

The Nissan Sunny, originally the Datsun Sunny, is a small car built by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1966 to 2006. In the early 1980s, the brand changed from Datsun to Nissan in line with other models by the company. Although production of the Sunny in Japan ended in 2006, the name remains in use in the Chinese market for a rebadged version of the Nissan Latio.
Datsun Sunny B310 Series
This is the last Sunny sold under the "Datsun" brand in Japan. The final rear-wheel-drive Sunny from model year 1978 to 1982 featured numerous variants, including a fastback station wagon as well as more squared-off, utilitarian models with... Read more

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How much does it cost for a camshaft position sensor replacement?

The camshaft position sensor is located adjacent to the engine camshaft, and relays information about the camshaft’s position of rotation at all times.
As the camshaft spins, the camshaft position sensor magnetically reads the camshaft position from a fixed location beside the shaft. This information is always being sent to the engine computer for comparison with data from the crankshaft position sensor.
When the computer senses the engine is out of time, the check engine light will be displayed, and the engine may start and stall, or fail to start. Some models may prevent the ignition from attempting to start the engine... Read more

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ThrowBack Cars In Nigeria: Nissan Bluebird 1.6 LX Review.

The Nissan Bluebird has a complex genaeology behind it - and is also a hugely important car in manufacturing industry terms. Shame, then, that the car itself is really rather dull. First thing to remember is that when the '86 Bluebird was launched, it was replacing a car with the same name that had only been on sale in the UK for a couple of years. And that's because the Bluebird T12/T72 was actually the second-generation T11-generation Stanza (as we knew it) or Auster. Viewed in that way, the evolution of the first UK-built Nissan becomes a whole lot simpler.

It was also the first car that Nissan built at its greenfield factory... Read more

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WCW: Mrs. Stella Iroaja, First Ikeja Female Tricyclist.

I opted for commercial driving to avoid sleeping around

Mrs. Stella Iroaja joins the higly male dominated business - Keke Napep (tricycle) business
Popular known as Iron Woman. According to her she lost her husband to brief illness and since then she has been catering for three children-two undergraduates and one secondary school student, plus other responsibilities.
She worked as a cleaner after leaving the job of supplying bread with motor bike commonly known as okada to raise capital for her present business. She added that, she stopped the bread supply business, when a ban was placed by the state government on the ... Read more

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