Throwback Thursday: 1960 Chrysler 300F Convertible

The 6th era letter auto was the 300F which profited from unit-body development and another Wedge motor and the biggest back balances in the arrangement.

The V8 utilized a gigantic cross-slam admission manifolds that kept running from within every barrel go to the bumper well. This set the carburetors and air channels at the very edge of the motor cove. The long admission tracts assisted with a lower motor shape factor and expanded low-rpm reaction.

From the outside, the 300F was totally restyled contrasted with the first 300E. New to the auto was cross-incubate flame broil that set the 300F logo up front. The unmistakabl... Read more

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How to safely drive your car when its the raining

Driving in the rain is unpleasant. The perceivability is poor, the streets are smooth, and all you need to do is get to where you're going and off of the wet streets. As anyone might expect, stormy days are the absolute most perilous days to drive, as the street conditions are antagonistic and different drivers out and about frequently don't know how to securely control their vehicles.

The most critical things when driving in the rain are to give the street your full focus and to not drive unless you are totally agreeable. In the event that you do these two things, and take after these rules, you'll be okay in the rain.

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What To Do If Your Car Is In a Flood

Submersion in water can wreak devastation with an auto, particularly the motor, electrical framework, and inside. On the off chance that your auto has been inundated in water more than most of the way up its wheels, take after these ten stages to survey and address the harm.

Try not to endeavor to begin the auto! It's enticing to turn the key and check whether the auto still works, however in the event that there is water in the motor, endeavoring to begin it could harm it hopeless. 
We've laid out a couple of fundamental checks underneath, yet in the event that in question, its best to have the auto towed to a technic... Read more

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How To Handle Overheating.

A motor works productively at a specific temperature. That temperature, despite the fact that it is excessively hot, making it impossible to touch by hand, is fundamentally cooler than it would be without a cooling framework. Overheating is the point at which the temperature of the motor ascensions to a point where mechanical harm can happen. Normally a supported temperature of more than 240 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient to cause concern. Steam originating from the motor zone, a temperature gage spiking to the red zone, and motor cautioning lights – regularly moulded like a thermometer – are signs your vehicle might be ov... Read more

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Throwback Thursday: 1978 Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000

What was it? A low threw, five-entryway, kammtail liftback model with more than a passing similarity to its contemporary Mercedes brethren and the ones that took after. I think follows about the W124, W126 and W140 can be found in its plan.

What were the specs? Front-engine, raise wheel drive with three unmistakable motor decisions. As indicated by Curbside Exemplary, the first was a 3.8-liter V8 with chamber deactivation, which was an entirely new thought at the time. (General Engines executed a similar innovation with their doomed V8-6-4 Cadillacs around a similar time, however it didn't preci... Read more

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Throwback Thursday: First Generation Honda Series Accord (1976 - 1981).

The original Honda Accord was propelled on 7 May 1976 as a three-entryway hatchback with 68 hp (51 kW), a 93.7-inch (2,380.0 mm) wheelbase, and a weight of around 2,000 pounds. Japanese market autos asserted 80 PS (59 kW) JIS (like SAE Net), while European and other fare markets got a model without outflows control hardware; it guaranteed 80 PS also however as per the stricter Clamor standard. It was a stage extension of the prior Honda Urban at 4,125 mm (162 in) long. To conform to as of late established discharge controls sanctioned in Japan, the motor was fitted with Honda's CVCC innovation. The Agreement sold well because of its dir... Read more

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Honda Accord Vs Toyota Camry

For a considerable length of time, shoppers searching for agreeable, fuel-proficient, dependable transportation have been attracted to the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry cars. Their allure lies not in attractive lines or guarantees of world-class speed. Or maybe, these two vehicles keep on delivering space for five grown-ups, formed rides, calm insides, abundant payload space, and mileage that is among the top in the fragment—if not class driving.
With regards to the numbers, these two cars are basically the same. Both offer four-and six-chamber motors, six-speed programmed and constantly factor transmissions, and seat five. B... Read more

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What Causes Hose(s) to Leak?

While the biggest piece of your motor is mechanical, power through pressure assumes a critical part. You'll discover liquids at work in various diverse regions.

Engine oil
Transmission fluid
Power steering fluid
Brake fluid
Washer fluid

These liquids must be transported starting with one place then onto the next keeping in mind the end goal to carry out their occupation. While a few liquids run fundamentally inside the motor or another part (oil, for example, or transmission liquid), others don't. Consider motor coolant – it's put away in your radiator and flood tank/store, ho... Read more

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What To Check When Buying A Used Car (Part 2)

The last time we explained the exterior aspect, today we are giving you a breakdown of the interior of a car before buying.

It’s the inside of a car that may matter most since that’s where you’ll be spending the most time.

Odor - When you first open the car door, sniff the interior. A musty, moldy, or mildewy smell could indicate water leaks. Remove the floor mats and check for wet spots on the carpet.
Seats - Try out all the seats even though you may not plan to sit in the rear. Upholstery shouldn’t be ripped or badly worn, particularly in a ca... Read more

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Throttle Position Sensor Symptoms and Repair Advice

What is a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)?

The throttle position sensor is a small part that has a big job. It is a key component of the emissions system. It rests on the throttle body of most vehicles and is typically held on with two to three fasteners.

It's located on the throttle body and reads the angle of the throttle valve based on the position of the gas pedal. It then transmits the data to the engine control computer.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure of the Throttle Position Sensor

Check Engine Light may come on
Engine may hesitate, misfire, or jerk upon acceleration
Automatic transmission ma... Read more

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