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To whom it may concern.

Hope this meets you well?

My name is Didi Awosika. I work with Viacom International Media Networks Africa, as Senior Commercial Manager for West Africa.

Yesterday (23/10/15) at about 12:45pm, I was driving my Black Porsche Carrera 4s on 3rd Mainland Bridge at high speed, headed towards Oworonsoki, when suddenly the right rear Tyre burst, putting the car in an uncontrollable position, which left me in shock.

Luckily I was able to regain control of the car and managed to nurse the car to the end of bridge. At that tail end of the bridge I noticed a Honda Accord car tailing my car. The Honda Car eventually overtook mine and the Driver and passenger signaled for me to follow their car. At this point I realized they were advising me on a safe place to pullover! I followed them and parked safely under the pedestrian bridge.

On coming out of the car, the lady driver of the Honda Accord in a Car Parts Nigeria shirt introduced herself at Simi and passenger as Lillian. Still in my confused state, I acknowledge them and went about trying to inspect how much damage had been done to the car.

To my surprise, she told me how she saw what happened on the bridge and not to worry she would help get me and the car to wherever we had to get to.

No sooner had she help to calm me down, did i see her go into the Oworonsoki Garage and after 5mins came out with a tow vehicle. At this point the area boys had started converging on my car. She spoke to the garage manager who helped disperse the area boys. She continued her negotiations with the tow vehicle handlers, while i watched on as a 3 year old kid would! Due to the fragile nature of the body of the car, Simi advised for them to get a Flat-Bed.

While waiting for the Tow-Bed from the garage, Simi moved on to engage the Lastma officials stationed at Owonronsoki. She educated the officials on what Car Parts Nigeria does as a company and how working hand- in -hand would help and be beneficial to all parties. The officials were so impressed with her, that they ordered a flat bed from the Lastma Office Oshodi.

Simi waited with me and also refused to leave till the Lastma Flat Bed Vehicle arrived 2.5 hrs after she introduced herself to me. We eventually lifted the Porsche on the Flat-Bed, then she went on and appreciated the officials as I only had my ATM card with me and no cash.

Simi drove me in her car to my destination with the Flat Tow Bed in tow. While in her car, she and Lilian kept checking with the Porsche garage and other suppliers on the cost and availability of the damage Tyre, of which they got quotes and availability status before we arrived at my destination, which was 10minutes from Oworonsoki. I was so blown away at this level of passion and professionalism for ones job. She has checked up on me 3 times between arriving my destination and me writing this mail.

I must say that I was the one in need and at no point did i speak to any of (Lastma, Local Tow Vehicle Handlers or Area boys). In all honesty, I must say I was and still am in AWE and Humbled!

I will be sharing this experience with my team during our Monday Africa catch-up meeting. As this is a true lesson in PASSION FOR THE JOB, AS WELL AS PROFESSIONALISM.

I have become a CAR PARTS NIGERIA Ambassador because of your company's training and these (SIMI & Lillian) ladies personalities.

With all my heart I thank them and your great company a million times over.

May the Great LORD take all of you to greater heights.

Sincere regards
Didi Awosika


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Didi Awosika

Posted on January 2016,25