The rise of the Internet and the rapid spread of electronic procurement (EP) across world markets have left few industries unchanged. Since its inception in the early, 1990s e-commerce has beenfeted by world markets seeking new solutions to business models and dramatic reductions in transaction costs. The biggest and most powerful business-to-business e-marketplace was heralded as the beginning of a ‘new era’ in auto purchasing and supply chain management. Procurement is the process whereby companies purchase goods and services from various suppliers. CPN EProcurement marketplace aims to bring many Suppliers and sellers together in an online environment and function as intermediaries between the two parties. A means of providing the supply chain and consolidation solution for its member. CPN marketplace provides added value to the procurement process by offering various services, ranging from inventory management and process improvement to tracking shipments and arranging financing. In addition to adding value, CPN online marketplace actually simplify the process of procurement. To Manufacturers and suppliers, we provide distribution channels for their products in markets that hitherto would be more difficult for them to have access without the full commitment. CPN EProcurement makes the entire business-to-business marketplace more efficient by expanding the range of suppliers and sellers/Vendors and by making the entire market mechanism more transparent. We reduce procurement and sales costs and improve the efficiency of the process. For Vendors/Seller, CPN E-Procurement marketplace aggregate content so it's easier to find new sources and pricing. For Suppliers, we break down geographic barriers and make product catalogs available to a wider market of sellers. PROCESS: Go through manufacturers or Suppliers catalogues. Find the prodcuts and pricing. Send a request for Quote using the Request Button for individual Items. For multiple items, Please Download the RFQ Request form. Fill it out and send it to: eprocurement@carpartsnigeria.com Once we receive the form. We work with the requested manufacturer. If there is no manufacturer or supplier indicated, We will get you the best pricing from our suppliers. CPN will then send you price QUOTE via email or any other communication channel you choose. The quote will include Price, taxes and Shipping to CPN Warehouse in lagos Nigeria. seller will make personal arrangement to pickup seperately.This seperate arrangement can be made with CPN 3rd party logistic company or with any logistics partner that the vendor/seller wishes to use.