Dyno-tab Fuel Treatment is a safe, fast dissolving fuel additive in tablet form that is made from 100% active ingredients

Dyno-tab® eliminates the fluid carrier component of most fuel additives and dramatically reduces transportation costs, storage requirements and packaging waste. In this regard, Dyno-tab® is better for the environment.

Dyno-tab® fuel treatments contain a combustion catalyst that, when added to fuel, produces a cleaner and more complete fuel burn. In addition, Dyno-tab® inhibits the buildup of carbon deposits within the combustion chamber and on exhaust valve surfaces, which rob your engine of power and performance. Dyno-tab® is added directly to the fuel tank at fill-up where it dissolves quickly and completely. Dyno-tab® is designed to:

    1. Increase power and performance
    2. Boost octane
    3. Help improve fuel economy
    4. Reduce smoke and exhaust emissions
    5. Eliminate ‘knock’ & ‘ping’
    6. Inhibit carbon deposits

As with any additive, results will vary.

Dyno-tab® is registered with the EPA and is safe and effective for all gasoline and diesel engines. It will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors

radiator coolant



injector cleaner



ultra fuel booster


fuel treatment


fuel treatment



Keeps injectors clean, Reduces harmful Emissions, Helps improves economy, For use in gasoline/petrol/diesel engines.




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