Opting for an almost new car allows you to upgrade your aspirations

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a compromise. It can be an opportunity to own a more substantial make and model you may not be able to afford on the new-car market.

The median price paid for a recent-model used cars—one built since 2011—is $18,000 when purchased from a used-car dealer and $21,000 from a franchised new-car dealer, according to a recent Consumer Reports national survey.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s about $10,000 less than the median cost of a new car these days. And what you can find for your money may surprise you.

If those figures are in your price range, we recommend buying the most recent model year available with the widest array of safety and technology features. Most 3- to 5-year-old luxury vehicles haven’t depreciated to that price range yet, but there’s still a lot of value. For example, instead of buying a brand-new Honda Civic, you may be able to afford a gently used Honda Accord with a more luxurious trim package, quieter interior, and smoother ride.

Here’s a little secret about depreciation: The new-car premium you pay for a tricked-out vehicle often vanishes the second time around. As new technology evolves, the old-tech gadgets depreciate faster than the rest of the car, according to data from TrueCar. Most cars are worth about half their sticker price when they hit the three-year mark, but technology loses a larger chunk of its value as its relative obsolescence gets factored in.

But no matter the pedigree, you’ll want to have the car inspected by a registered mechanic before buying. Every factory can have a bad day, and it’s also good to determine for certain how well a car was treated by its previous owner.

That said, what follows is our list of the four gently used vehicles that hit CR’s sweet spot, performing well in our road tests as well as having strong reliabilty, excellent safety credentials, and a wallet-friendly price range. Try to look for one that has traveled less than 50,000 miles and may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. 


Posted on May 2016,06  //  Author: Admin