6 reasons your air conditioning isn't cooling

Troubleshoot These Common Car Air Conditioning System Problems

It’s no fun being stuck without air conditioning on a hot summer or rainy day. In fact, the A/C is more than just comfort; it’s a safety issue too as it can help keep your windscreen clear from fogs during a rainy day. 

So if your vehicle’s A/C is only kicking out hot air, you should take steps immediately to get the problem fixed.

The six most common car A/C issues are:

Reason #1: Your Car is Leaking Refrigerant
A refrigerant leak can occur at any point in the air conditioning process, however, the most common places where leaks are found are at A/C unit hose connections. It’s sometimes possible to see an oily substance accumulating around these connections, which is likely the source of the leak. A sealant (specifically designed for air conditioning units) found at most auto parts stores are used to close the leak.

Reason #2: Faulty Cooling Fans
When fans aren’t properly functioning, your condenser may not receive proper cooling. Over time, this can cause your car to start emitting only hot air. The best way to check if the cooling fan is broken is through a visual inspection. Other common issues with cooling fans include blown fuses and other electrical issues. These problems may have to be addressed by a professional unless you have experience in electrical work.

Reason #3: Electrical Issues
Electrical issues are perhaps the most difficult problem to diagnose when it comes to an A/C unit that has stopped working. First, a visual inspection of all the wiring should be done to see if any wires are broken or frayed. If you’re unable to visually locate any electrical issues, it may be time to take your vehicle to an experienced dealer for further diagnosis.

Reason #4: The Condenser is Blocked
The condenser of your vehicle’s A/C unit (mostly found at the front of the car) is supposed to re-cool hot refrigerant by using the airflow that comes through the front of your car as you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some type of debris from the road, then it will be unable to properly cool the refrigerant. This will quickly cause the A/C unit to only expel hot air. A visual inspection can be carried out to see if anything is blocking it. This can easily be removed from the grill of your car and the issue should be resolved.

Reason #5: The Condenser is Broken
If there doesn’t appear to be anything blocking the condenser, it’s possible that it may be broken altogether. If you notice any noticeable punctures in the condenser upon visual inspection, typically the only way to fix the issue is through replacement.

Reason #6: The Compressor Has Gone Bad
The compressor keeps your A/C moving at all times. Without it, the refrigerant cannot circulate through the system and you’ll never get any cold air. The most common reason that a compressor goes bad is due to long periods of time without use. Lack of use tends to shock the system when it finally is used again such as in the spring or summer after sitting dormant all winter long.

To best combat this issue, we recommend running your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes roughly once every three weeks or so, regardless of the outside temperature. This will help keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan.

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Posted on July 2020,08  //  Author: Admin