Top Reasons Why Car Shakes When AC Is On

Car shaking, while AC is on, is one such dilemma that can happen anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it’s preferable to know the cause of this problem. After all, no one wants to deal with a much bigger issue, which can be fixed as soon as it has happened.

So, let’s delve deeper into the causes of why the car vibrates when the AC is on below:

1. AC Compressor
AC compressor is a smaller engine in itself and puts a lot of stress on car’s engine. When you turn on the vehicle AC, engine triggers some elements, like air control motor or idle speed, so that idle compressor can be increased by compensating with extra drag. In a situation where the car shakes when AC is on, inaccuracy in this process could be the reason behind it.

In many cases, additional drag can result in vibrating idle and in fact, the engine stalling. When the steering wheel (especially the power steering) is turned while the AC is on, chances of engine stalling becomes higher. Increased shaking could be the result of broken motor-mounts too. So, look for this issue!

2. Increased Pressure
AC compressor puts a strain on the engine and in a situation when the pressure goes above 400 PSI, it eventually leads to vibrations. If the pressure continues to increase, some parts of the engine can wear out ultimately. However, some other reasons may include the issue in a cooling fan or some blockage in the AC system. In such condition, you can either use some fail-proof maintenance tips or take your car to the nearest mechanic store as soon as possible.

3. Shabby Engine/ Transmission Mount
The mounts go under a lot of strain every time you turn on the AC. Each mount plays its role to keep the transmission and engine on a place to uphold a proper suspension angle. It also keeps wiring, hoses, and isolation from vibration or noise in the place. Hence, any issue in the mount will obviously result in shakes or vibrations. The broken mount can lead to increased vibration and noises especially when the compressor of AC puts pressure on the engine. Therefore, check your mounts to resolve this issue.

(Source: CarsFromJapan).

Posted on December 2019,13  //  Author: Admin