ÜBER launches ÜberBoat in Lagos today

ÜBER launches ÜberBoat in Lagos today for commuters to beat the heavy traffic in Lagos. Instead of charging the regular fee of N1,000 , Uber would charge N500 over four trips carrying 35 people

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos state, said the Uber boat service, and the use of waterways in general, were part of a raft of initiatives aimed at easing congestion that include a program of road repairs.

"We want ferries that carry 60 to 80 people," he said, referring to his hopes for the future use of waterways, on Thursday at a forum with businesses.

Uber's boat initiative follows a number of motorcycle ride-hailing firms that have targeted West Africa as an area for expansion in the last few months.

Posted on October 2019,11  //  Author: Admin