Fun Facts About Cars For Kids

Kids don't take much time before they exclaim the names of different vehicles in the market. Shockingly, they even perceive and separate among the different brands. They have their inclinations, different preferences about vehicles, to such an extent that they can talk about on the topic with friends. If you can relate these qualities with your kid, this is a must-read for you..

 1. There Are More Cars Than People In The World
2. Car Is The Most Recycled Product In The World
3. There Are Almost 30K Parts In A Car
4. The Longest Living Car Was 82 Years Old
5. The Longest Traffic Jam Was Recorded On February 16, 1980
6. The First Automobile Accident Took Place In 1891
7. Volkswagen Owns Companies Like Audi
8. Driving at 90kmph, it would take six months to reach moon.
9. Toyota is the largest producer of cars with 13,000 manufactured every day.
10. 165,000 cars are produced every day world over.

Posted on September 2019,28  //  Author: Admin