How to use Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease is a translucent substance used to seal electrical conductors in order to prevent dirt, dust, sand, and other foreign materials from sticking to the conductor and preventing it from transferring a current between the two contact points. Dielectric grease also blocks moisture, thereby preventing corrosion.

How Dielectric Grease Works
Dielectric grease is a translucent substance. Therefore, some light passes through it and causes distortion. Dielectric grease is usually gray in appearance and a 0.33 ounce bottle sells for $5. Dielectric grease insulates, lubricates, and protects hardware from foreign materials and natural elements.

Dielectric grease can be used in a number of applications and is most widely used in spark plug construction in order to allow the plug to slide into its ceramic container and prevent foreign objects from compromising the plug’s electric current. Generally, dielectric grease is used in any situation where electrical components such as cables, processors, or terminals come in contact with moisture. To pre-order the Dielectric grease. Kindly contact us 09099995678.



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