When Should Front Struts Be Replaced?

Every vehicle is different, which makes getting an easy answer to this question difficult. In fact, ask most mechanics when front struts should be replaced, and you’ll likely be told every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. That is a huge gap in mileage. In all truth, the life-span of struts and supporting shocks will depend greatly on the driving conditions and patterns. Those who drive on city roads and highways frequently might experience longer-lasting struts than those living on country roads.

The best answer for this question is to follow 3 general rules of thumb:

Have your struts and suspension inspected every 25,000 miles or when you notice premature tire wear. Most automotive mechanics suggest having the front suspension components inspected every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Sometimes this proactive inspection will alert a vehicle owner to early issues — so minor repairs don’t turn into major mechanical failure. Early tire wear is also a warning sign of worn out suspension components, like the front struts.

Always replace worn struts in pairs. Like brakes, front struts should always be replaced in pairs. This ensures overall vehicle-stability and that both struts are responsible for keeping the vehicle stable. In fact, most mechanics and repair facilities will not perform a single strut replacement for liability purposes.

Make sure to have the front-end suspension aligned after replacing struts. Regardless of what your local mechanic might tell you, anytime struts or a front-end suspension components is removed, having the suspension professionally aligned is a vital step.


Posted on May 2019,14  //  Author: Admin