CarpartsNigeria Top Radio Interview


Please click below to listen to the interview on Top Radio is a one-stop search engine for all auto spare parts in Nigeria and a mega online shop. It is an online market where millions of buyers meet sellers regardless of location. Also, it is a portal that links service vendors i.e. artisans like auto mechanic, rewire, panel beater, etc to prospective clients for their auto solutions.

What led to CarPartsNigeria in first instance? is a child of necessity. Many Nigerians are faced with difficulty in sourcing for spare parts and engaging professional auto mechanics, etc. when their services are require


What is the vision of CarPartsNigeria?What is the vision of CarPartsNigeria?

To be a one-stop search engine for all auto spare parts in Nigeria, bridging the auto information gap, rendering remarkable auto services and constantly adding values to the society by using technology to enable people and cities.

What are the services of CarPartsNigeria?

Automobile Parts Search
• Auctions
• Car-for-Sale Listings
• Specialist Search
• Advertising






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