5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You (2)

We want to protect you from overpaying for parts and repairs you don't even need. Here are 5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You


NOTE: The classic line, "yeah, we saw that you need to replace the belt, that's what was squeaking, but while we were under the car, we noticed the tie rod over here is about to break, so you need to replace that immediately." Dude, just fix what we came here to get fixed and then we'll talk further investments. 

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5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You (1)

Anybody that owns a car knows that a trip to the service shop is inevitable. It's pretty simple to do the basics, but the average car owner doesn't know anything about the size of their car's gas tank, let alone about what's under that hood. Although some good guys exist, many of the car dealerships and other mechanics see this as a chance to prey on the vulnerable and uneducated. We want to protect you from overpaying for parts and repairs you don't even need. Here are 5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You


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How Your Car's A/C Works, and How to Recharge it when its Dead

Air conditioning is a modern automotive miracle when it's working. And when it's not working, you'll feel like a punk for having paid for a luxury item you can no longer use. Luckily, recharging your car's A/C system is easy enough—and it's even easier once you understand the basics of how your car's air conditioning system works.

This air conditioning explanation gets a little technical at times—Fenske uses symbols for pressure and temperature that you probably haven't seen since high school chemistry. All that you really need to remember is this: Any time a compressed liquid is released and turns into a gas, the... Read more

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How to Use an Auto Scan Tool

Your Check Engine light is shining like a beacon of bad news. What's going on? We'll tell you how to figure it out on your own, on the cheap.

You're tooling down the road; it's a beautiful, sunny summer day, and to top it off, your car is running absolutely perfectly.

Perfectly, except for that Check Engine light shining like a beacon of bad news. What's going on? The car still runs well and idles fine. Maybe it's an electrical snafu. It's sure to turn itself off at some point, right? Which it does. And then it comes back, sort of at random. Now it's time to pass the state emissions inspection to renew your plates, an... Read more

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Car Loan in Nigeria: How it works but the question is can you afford it?

Before you start fantasizing about your dream car after discovering that you are eligible for a car loan,take a moment to think about this: can you afford that car? Again, before you answer that question, keep in mind that the terms and conditions for getting a car loan in Nigeria are very stiff and the interest rate is quite high. Do you still think you can afford that dream car? Fortunately, some banks are willing to finance the purchase of a tokunbo car but like I said, the terms and conditions are not pocket friendly.

Experts believe that, you shouldn't spend more than 20% of your net income (monthly take-home) on a car loan... Read more

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Used Cars Buying Guide

Used vehicles are often the best values you’ll find in the automotive market. This is especially true for models just two or three years old. Not only is the price lower than a comparable new car’s, but continuing ownership expenses such as collision insurance and taxes are lower, and a two- or three-year-old used vehicle has already taken its biggest depreciation hit. In addition, buying used is a way to get a nicer car than you’d be able to afford new.

Whether you are looking for a certified pre-owned or a private sale, or are buying from a dealer or neighbor, Consumer Reports can help lead you through the us... Read more

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Federal Road Safety - Offences & Penalties

Check Road Offences and the penalties. No reason to give and corrupt the society. you mostly end up paying more. Support the FRSC ... Check link below.

Offences & Penalties 


1 LIGHT/SIGN VIOLATION LSV             2 2,000 2
2 ROAD OBSTRUCTION ROB                3 3,000 1
3 ROUTE VIOLATION RTV                    5 5,000 1
4 SPEED LIMIT VIOLATION SLV            3 3,000 1
5 VEHICL... Read more

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Repats, Expats, and Experts: How the Diaspora Will Reinvent Africa

 Leveraging the Skills of Diaspora Professionals to Improve the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Within this new era of knowledge economies, where the internet has flattened the world and digital entrepreneurs are building companies on the backs of binary codes and software modules, members of the African diaspora can play unique roles in re-inventing Africa’s future and catalyzing ... Read more

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Blindly letting a mechanic perform maintenance on your car or truck can easily leave you overpaying. A recent case involving one of our staffers is a good illustration.

The staffer brought his 2005 Sienna minivan to a Toyota dealership for 60,000-mile service and ended up paying much more than he should have.

The Toyota service manual recommended only an oil change, tire rotation, and replacing the engine and cabin air filters (along with the usual litany of items to inspect, including brakes, fuel lines, gas cap gasket, steering gear box, and so on.)

We did some research and found that he could have paid around ... Read more

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Often, we must have come across people debating on the most available car brands or sometimes the best and affordable cars for a start putting into consideration fuel conservation, spare parts and mileage.

Below are the cars we can confidently confirm to our readers that they’re the top Popular Demand Car Brands Available In Nigeria.


You can’t take the number 1 spot away from this Brand here in Nigeria, The founder of the popular demand is a Japenese, Kiichiro Toyoda, in the year 1937 and the brand has grown to become the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. T... Read more

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