Safety Tips: Driving While Pregnant

Compared to the average motorist, pregnant women face additional safety concerns when riding in motor vehicles.
It's not easy to drive when you're reaching around your 25-pound belly. Studies show that expectant moms are more likely to be involved in accidents than women who aren't pregnant. It might have something to do with driving under the influence of pregnancy, which can make you feel tired, nauseated, dizzy and unfocused.

Wear seatbelts
Use both the lap and the shoulder harness. Keep the lap belt down under your baby bump. Fasten the seat belt snugly beneath your abdomen, against the bony part of your pelvis. In... Read more

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Why do you need a drive-shaft in your car?

A car's engine cannot power all of the wheels alone. In a front-wheel drive vehicle, for example, the engine under the hood of the car cannot reach the rear wheels. It is therefore connected under the hood to a transmission, which then must be linked to the car's rear axle via a long drive shaft running the length of the car.
This drive shaft, sometimes known as a propeller shaft, is connected to the final drive of the transmission, sometimes called the differential, located on the rear axle. This rear differential is responsible for redirecting the engine's force 90 degrees each way, to the opposing rear wheels.

It also a... Read more

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5 Signs Of Bad Steering Pump

5 Signs of Bad Power Steering Pump.

A certain amount of pressure is required for the power steering pump to distribute fluid. When a car is idling, less pressure is needed to distribute fluid, but when a car has been running for a long period of time, high amounts of pressure are required. There are several symptoms of a bad or failing power steering pump, so if you notice the following, have the pump looked at as soon as possible.

If you hear a whining noise while turning the wheel of your vehicle, something is wrong with your power steering system. It could be a leak in the power steering pump or the fluid level could ... Read more

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Friday Puzzle: Identify 10 Automobile Terms Below

#TGIF Can you identify 10 words related to automobile hidden in the puzzle below? Read more

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Throwback Cars In Nigeria: Peugeot 505 Review

The 505 is a saloon with quite a pleasant appearance, quite efficient engines, quite comfortable seating, quite nice steering and a quite reasonable price. And it is quite well constructed. So, you might say it was merely average. But can it really be that simple? Have Peugeot in fact, played a very clever game where, instead of dazzling us with technology or breath-taking styling, they have decided to woo us with understatement of the profoundest kind?

The Peugeot 505 is a large family car produced by the French manufacturer Peugeot from 1979 to 1992 in Sochaux, France. The 505 was Peugeot's last rear-wheel drive car. It was al... Read more

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Lessons On Female Mechanics In Nigeria

The work of a mechanic which is considered to be a "male-only" job seems to be taking turns.
Women are effortlessly taking the baton in this sphere. Nigeria's first female motor vehicle mechanic, Sandra Aguebor said "automobile mechanic was one of the most gainful and easiest jobs in the world". She said this contrary to the erroneous popular perception, women were better suited to technical work due to their natural abilities to pay attention to details.

Auto mechanics job does not stop you from being beautiful; it does not stop you from being a mother, neither does it stop you from being a wife. The dirty finger is your ... Read more

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Brake Disc And How It Works.


Buying new disc brakes or just want to know how they work, its all right here.

Disc brakes have been around for about 60 years in different forms and came about with the progressing speeds of vehicles and the need for shorter stopping distances and better road safety. The differences between disc brakes and their earlier counterparts which we drum brakes are numerous. 

First disc brakes are generally lighter in overall vehicle weight which is extremely important for car and truck builders. On heavy trucks... Read more

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The Functions Of Brake Pads In Vehicles.

Brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy by friction. Two brake pads are contained in the brake caliper with their friction surfaces facing the rotor. The task of vehicle brakes is to decelerate the vehicle safely and comfortably, bringing it to a standstill if necessary. The brake pads (also known as friction lining)
have a very important role to play here. In disc brake applications, there are usually two brake pads per disc rotor, held in place and actuated by a caliper affixed to a wheel hub or suspension upright.
Although almost all road-going vehicles have only two brake pads per caliper,... Read more

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Logical Thinkers...Think CarpartsNigeria to Save Time! Save Money

Welcome to

A resource for Vendor, Buyers and Sellers was born out of the need to centralize parts inventory across the nation. A place to find difficult auto parts, Reduce high prices and ensure that trust worthy vendors can compete and satisfied buyers can appreciate great business. 

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Check for ANSWER&... Read more

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Beware Of Potholes

They’re back and they’re bad.
Potholes have returned and hitting one with your car can do a number on tires, wheels, steering and suspension, and alignment. To help determine if hitting a pothole has damaged your vehicle, watch for the following warning signs provided by the Car Parts Nigeria.

Loss of control, swaying when making routine turns, bottoming-out on city streets or bouncing excessively on rough roads. These are indicators that the steering and suspension may have been damaged. The steering and suspension are key safety-related systems. Together, they largely determine your car’s ride and handl... Read more

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