Throwback Thursday: 1978 Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000

What was it? A low threw, five-entryway, kammtail liftback model with more than a passing similarity to its contemporary Mercedes brethren and the ones that took after. I think follows about the W124, W126 and W140 can be found in its plan.

What were the specs? Front-engine, raise wheel drive with three unmistakable motor decisions. As indicated by Curbside Exemplary, the first was a 3.8-liter V8 with chamber deactivation, which was an entirely new thought at the time. (General Engines executed a similar innovation with their doomed V8-6-4 Cadillacs around a similar time, however it didn't precisely work out well for them.)

The second auto had a 3.3-liter twin turbo diesel six-barrel engine which put out a great 31.3 mpg on the interstate. The third was the most peculiar of all; it had a gas turbine motor, which as we as a whole know is simply something that never appears as though it will get on. Focuses for attempting, however.

What else made it unique? Streamlined features! The super-low kammtail body accomplished a super low for its time Compact disc of .28, which put it keeping pace with your normal current vehicle. Truly great for the 1980s.

Is it true that it was ever gotten ready for creation? It doesn't appear that way, yet it spearheaded a considerable amount of innovation for later autos. Present day Benzes utilize "variable uprooting" barrel deactivation motors, as do different automakers. What's more, that turbodiesel six? That sounds like a motor you'd get on an auto from today.

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