How Nigeria’s First Female Helicopter Captain, Abimbola Jaiyeola Saved 13 Lives On A Bristow Helicopter

Some days ago, news that a Bristow helicopter had crashed reached general society and there was panic. We discovered that the 5B BJQ Bristow helicopter that was headed for Lagos from Port Harcourt ended up into the Atlantic Sea. The memory of the Bristow crash of only not as much as a year back which asserted lives was still crisp in our memory.

Hours after the fact, we hurled a murmur of alleviation as we discovered that each of the 11 individuals on the helicopter were sheltered.

Well for reasons unknown the individual who spared the day is nobody yet the youthful female helicopter skipper who was on obligation on that day – Capt Abimbola Jaiyeola

Abimbola Jaiyeola, who additionally happens to be Nigeria's first female helicopter chief, settled on the brief instant choice that spared the lives of the individuals who were on board.

This was uncovered by means of a facebook post by somebody who is near the commander yet needed it to be "private"

"How about we celebrate and say thanks to God for our Female Capt Abimbola Jayeola, who was the Capt on the Bristow Chopper that dumped in the Atlantic Sea on Wednesday. "A brief instant's choice spared the lives of 13 individuals and a few families connected to them. Praise to You Captain, God will keep on protecting you as you take to the skies day by day. Remain safe!"

Surely the Capt Abimbola's choice of jettisoning into the Atlantic Sea spared the lives of those on board.

Ditching is an arranged occasion in which a flight team intentionally makes a controlled crisis arriving in water. says that dumping "might be amazingly unsafe" however Capt Jaiyeola spared the day!

Long experience the Skipper!

Posted on March 2018,14  //  Author: Admin