How Long Can I Leave the AC on While My Engine Is Not Running?

You've stopped your car, and are sitting inside pausing. Possibly you're right on time for work and would prefer not to head into the workplace at this time. Perhaps you're sitting tight for your life partner to complete shopping from the store. You would prefer not to squander gas, so you kill the motor, however it's warm, so you leave the blower running. You know this pulls current from the battery, yet exactly to what extent would you be able to leave the air conditioner on while your motor isn't running?

All things considered, this is a trap question. You can't run the air conditioner without the motor running. The aeration and cooling system compressor and grip are worked by the serpentine belt that runs your different extras (your alternator, for example). On the off chance that the engine isn't running, at that point the belt isn't turning. That implies your ventilation system's not entirely. You can't utilize the ventilation system if the engine isn't running. It's as basic as that.

What you're truly doing is running the blower engine. For whatever length of time that there's a charge in your battery and you have the key set to the on position (a few autos will give you a chance to run the blower in the ACC position, as well), the blower will keep on operating. Be that as it may, it's just blowing air from the outside through the lodge, unless you have recycle mode dynamic. All things considered, it's simply reusing the air in the lodge. It doesn't really cool the air. Any vibe of coolness is basically on the grounds that the air is moving, instead of still.

Posted on January 2018,11  //  Author: Admin