Ayade, Duke on Socrpion-Like Bike Lead 250 Bikers’ In Calabar Carnival

Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade caused a scene at the 2017 Calabar Bikers Parade with his a la mode rides.

Ayade who took an interest in the Bikers Jubilee parade, featured the occasion with his Red Scorpio Trike Bicycle subsequent to astonishing the group with his smooth Vintage convertible ride. No less than 250 bikers from Togo, Morocco, Lagos, Enugu and different conditions of the league took an interest in the bikers festival appear on Wednesday, December 27, in Calabar.

The occasion which saw a huge group line up by the street sides of all the real courses was a huge achievement.

The 2017 bikers indicate was a show of abilities over the carnival courses as the group were engaged with stunts and different showy behavior from the riders.

Posted on December 2017,28  //  Author: Admin