1938 Packard Twelve

In 1933, Packard introduced the twelve-cylinder model Twin Six to the more prestigious name "Twelve". The models 1005 and 1006 now had wheelbases of 3607 mm and 3734 mm respectively. The V12 engine was adopted unchanged from the previous model: its cylinder angle was 67 °, the bore 87.3 mm and the stroke 101.6 mm. This gave a displacement of 7300 cm 3. The engine performed 160 bhp (118 kW) at 3200 rpm. The wet two-disc clutch of the predecessor gave way to a single disc dry clutch, which connected the engine with the manual three-speed gearbox with medium circuit. The mechanical four-wheel brakes were also adopted by the predecessor. On the short chassis (model 1005), there was a touring, a Phaeton, a sports Phaeton, a sedan, a 4-door convertible, a club sedan, a 2-door convertible (Victoria) and a coupe roadster, respectively For five passengers. In addition, several coupés and convertibles were offered for 2-4 passengers. On the long chassis there was a sedan and a Pullman sedan, as well as various special bodies, each for 5-7 passengers.

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