Synthetic Oil Vs Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is not only refined but also distilled, purified and broken down into its basic molecules. This process not only removes more impurities from the crude oil but also enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines.

The next time you walk in to your local shop to get your oil changed and the service attendant asks you synthetic or regular? You just might have to think twice before you answer, for the sake of your wallet, and yes, the environment too!

First off, synthetic oil is better than conventional oil when it comes to its form and function. Conventional oil could never stand up to synthetic when it comes to longevity and ability to handle extreme high temperatures without breaking down.
Their logic stems from the fact that while conventional oil is evil because it is derived from petroleum, synthetics are unfortunately formed by chemicals that are no less harmful to the environment, but there is a difference here. Synthetics can last as much as three times longer than conventional oil, which means that you could be dumping less than 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year.

With todays technology, synthetics are cleaner and meaner (just not necessarily any greener). Their composition is much cleaner, because it is derived in a laboratory rather than nature, and it has been proven to have a lower volatility and therefore not vaporize out the exhaust as quickly.

Synthetics have also been shown to produce less resistance in the engine and therefore offer more horsepower and overall efficiency for the engine. This added horsepower in return means that the engine will be able to perform at the same level as before, but using slightly less gas.

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Posted on May 2017,17  //  Author: Admin