WCW: 15 Years Kimberly Anyadike becomes youngest African American female to pilot plane cross-country

Kimberly Anyadike is a record breaking 16 year old. She has a record breaking sister, Kelly Anyadike who is 17 years old and broke a record for being the youngest African-American girl to fly four vehicles in one day.

Kimberly Anyadike (born c. 1994) is known as the first Nigerian American teen to fly across the United States. Her Dad is an Igbo from Nigeria, and Anyadike means (Eye of a Warrior) in the Igbo language.

She flew from Compton, California to Newport News, Virginia in 2009. It took her 13 days to complete the flight of over 7,000 miles.

Posted on March 2017,08  //  Author: Admin